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Pauline Hanson says we need a Royal Commission into Islam. What a load of rubbish. 
Sonia Kruger says "we should shut out all Muslims from our country". "She doesn't feel safe with them in Australia". 
Come back to this world instead of the fantasy world of the elite you live in. 
Sonia Kruger is happy as hell to promote Muslims with Emirates, just google pictures of Sonia. OHH that's the difference, they are rich Muslims, so they cant possibly be terrorists

You are happy taking money in sponsorship deals from Muslim owned companies  Sonia, which allows you to live in luxury, while so many children and families go hungry live in poverty in and out of Australia. Both of you, racism and bigotry costs people their lives. It causes degradation and violence. This is what you are promoting. It's the families, children, babies, living in poverty, that had their homes destroyed by the Australian Government, USA, UK Governments, she is scared off. Watch out Sonia and Pauline their suffering and poverty, might rub off on you, and give you a touch of Humanity ~ but probably not. It is the ones who sit on their high and mighty thrown's, that throw the most stones, like both of you.

We have written a book, using our own money, to raise as much money as we can for charity, all the books profits go to charity, and we could not even get you Sonia or your show, to give our book publicity. 
Here we are Australian's trying to draw awareness to abuse, sexual abuse, and raise money for charity, and we could not even get your show to give us five minutes to help a worthy cause. 
If you haven't figured it out people, it is a class war also going on in Australia, we see it all the time with the morning shows, the other news shows. 

Disgusting and Insane 🐦🐦

These hosts promote their own books, and themselves to each other, they don't give 100% of their books profits of their dribble, they write about themselves to charity, no it goes directly into their own bank accounts.  Our support has been coming from the USA. And we would really love more support for our book, so any corporations out there who are against racism and bigotry like we are, as human rights advocates, who would like to help us out with our book, help us raise money for charity, we would love to hear from you, and your help. Thank you.

The Australian Government are responsible for terrorism, they are white, mixed religion of people living in Australia. 
Pauline Hanson, Sonia Kruger seems to forget the IRA terrorists attacks in the UK~Protestants v Catholic~Not a Muslim in sight! Read the article here

How do you know what a terrorists looks like Sonia and Pauline?
They don't have it tattooed on their forehead.  There is no fixed requirement. We have Australian business men with Corporations, right here in Australia, laundering money for Terrorists, have been for years. 
Ask ASIO, ask the AFP. We have made reports on such a company with the work we do. Not Muslim men, white men born here, from English decent. They are terrorists snoozing with the million and billionaires of Australia. 
Might want to come out of your cocoon and start waking up to what is going in the real world. 
Our Human Rights advocates, and activists, all have children of our own, and we have taught them, not to discriminate. 

Botox and hair bleaching might cause harm to the brain when used too much. 
Actually they have found that Botox does harm the brain, so maybe this is her excuse for her bouts of dribble, she is shouting on her soap box of late. 
Or is it Rupert is footing the Bill for this abuse and hatred, trying to fuel more hatred towards Muslims and feeding ISIS propaganda? Well mission accomplished then. 

Pauline Hanson asks Senator Sam Dastyari if he 'is a Muslim' on Q&A 🐦🐦 F🐦FS Hanson disgusted in you. She is making fun of Sam for being a Muslim. 

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Pauline Hanson says we need a Royal Commission into Islam. What an utter waste of money. That is like saying we need an investigation into Italians or Greeks or any other Nationality. 
Australia needs a Royal Commission into Government Terrorism, corruption, Family Court, Domestic Violence,
before any waste of money for a Royal Commission into Islam.

Deflecting from the real Terrorists here.  Our Government.
Deflection of Government Corruption.
The real issues going on in our country, the global devastation of the TPP, and much more. 
Even deflection from the lie of Gov over the Iraq War.
It is a deflection maneuver used by the CIA and Governments, called the Honey Trap. 

Pauline Hanson says she is coming after people on welfare. So she is coming after the sick, the elderly, domestic violence and child abuse victims, victims of terrorism, our soldiers who fought in wars. But not "ONE" mention how she was coming after Government welfare bludgers, like herself, Browyn Bishop, government corruption and fraud. 
Yes readers, in case you don't know, and hadn't figure it out yet, Pauline Hanson was put into office by the LNP. She works for them. This is a corruption article on the Liberal Party Australia, this is what Pauline Hanson wants to help protect and continue. She is the LNP puppet, and war monger READ HERE

Pauline Hanson was in the reject pile, do not resuscitate, then LNP and Murdoch brought her back. They did this for a reason, she is like the Klu Klux Klan. They wanted her to instill fear, war mongering, violence and abuse. The LNP are using Psychology, and maneuvers right out of the NSA and CIA play book.
Pauline Hanson has gone after Asians, Italians, Greeks, now Muslims. FFS and we have to pay this racist bigots salary, Government welfare bludger, she has bludged off the Government for bloody years with politics. If you think she got into office because people voted for her, you would be wrong. Vote rigging and racketeering, something that is now being investigated by Federal authorities.   
TPP Global article here and you are going to want to read this and watch the videos by Wikileaks. Article Link Here 

Wakie Wakie people — The smart ones already figure this out. 🐦 🐦 🐦

Sonia Kruger , Pauline Hanson , watch , listen and learn. This speech relates to both of your bigotry, racism, degradation. We highly recommend you watch this video, this is the best Human rights speech we have ever heard. The words of Jesse Williams refer to all who have been the victims of racism, bigotry, degradation, or for not being born rich enough.

Watch, listen and learn Jess Williams Humanitarian award 2016

We appologize if any of our videos have been removed, not by us, this was done by the Feds. Since in Australia you are not allowed to speak the truth of human rights, and violations.
In Australia we are at more of threat from terrorists and violence by our Government than actual terrorists.

Australia, USA, UK made up a complete lie to start a war, they are your terrorists. They are responsible for the terrorism we are experiencing right now around the world.

They are responsible for the death of over $250,000 people, women, men and children having to flee their homes. More than 13.5 million people have fled their homes and about 4.5 million refugees have fled to neighboring countries including Jordan and Lebanon. Three-quarters of these refugees are women and children.

They did not ask to be abused, to be treated as a lesser race, when they are the same as you and me. They did not ask to have to flee their own country because of a war that was based on a complete lie. Watch this video by Andrew Wilkie. He even says our Governments are responsible for terrorism.

Watch listen and learn. Andrew Wilkie Press release July 6 2016
Iraq war was a lie. Our Governments are responsible
for Terrorism.

Bloodsucking Dick Cheney Knows Iraq Was A Failure

We really urge you to watch this video it will explain so much, especially near the end of the video. The USA are funding ISIS with weapons. 

Hanson and Kruger say they want to feel safe from Terrorism.


So do victims of Domestic Violence, child abuse. But they are not, they deal with domestic terrorism every single day for the rest of their lives. 
The Government, justice system, society, ignore them, just like you two do. You two don't live in our world, tunnel vision all the way.
Hanson says women & children make up abuse. What a load of crap Hanson Where is your degree in abuse, Psychology, medical degree Hanson?

Shut the f 🐨 🐦 🐨 k up then.

Read, learn about Domestic Violence, child abuse, from victims, who have to live with the aftermath every day. Just click on those links to take you to the articles.

Domestic Violence is more of a threat than Terrorism in Australia. 
We don't see Sonia Kruger or Pauline Hanson fighting for women, children's rights there. The right to be safe, not to be killed. 
They are the people in society who turn away from a victim of abuse. Read the Full article on Domestic Violence Terrorism HERE

New crimes stats from Police Commissioner: Domestic Violence & child abuse terrorism is up 16.9% in one state alone, and its the least worst state in Australia for these crimes as well. We will be publishing a full article on this tomorrow, and trust us you are going to want to read this. It will put a giant sock in the mouths of Pauline Hanson and Sonia Kruger.

The United Nations has said in several reports, that the Australian Government are in violation of the UN Human rights act and laws, in the way it treat victims of Domestic Violence, disability, the poor, homeless, gays. We have the full reports in our articles, on our website. So now Pauline Hanson, is going to ignore, and violate the UN Human-rights laws and acts of our world wide nations. 

Please read the comments 

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Our Professionals are international speakers and we belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence.

Humanitarians, Human Rights activist to stop abuse, violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse, child pornography and corruption. Last year in Australia our people were nominated for a humanitarian award. 

Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award.

This year one of our own Alexandria has been nominated for an Australian of the year award 2017.

We have an incredible team of graphic designers who create our posters for our articles, our social media and websites. Thank you to everyone. We are always receiving wonderful feedback from our posters, our articles and websites.  

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  1. Really disgusted in you Sonia, and i let you know this on social media. You said you were horrified by pictures of a little child covered in plastic on the ground.

    What do you think happens when children are killed from domestic violence?
    For most it is a brutal beating until they die.
    My own baby daughter was killed through domestic violence, suffered a life of abuse, was beaten up by my husband, broken bones, cuts, psychological abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse. That is the reality for domestic violence Terrorism in Australia.

    Three people a week died from domestic violence terrorism in Australia. How many terrorism attacks in a week in Australia??? Not bloody three, where people are dying.
    Read this article link, or you can simply access the articles in the links in the article.

    Article Domestic Violence is more of a Threat than Terrorism.

    Scars and Vulnerability article

    Don’t be seduced by the Dark Side article

    Zero help from Government and the courts. No justice for murder, abuse.
    The more I stood up for my rights and my children’s rights from going through domestic violence terrorism; I was abused by the police, by the courts by our own Government.

    I recorded the treatment by them. It was out right criminal.
    You don’t live in the real world Sonia or Pauline.

    Those are just three of many articles on our websites, of my story of abuse, violence. But you will probably never read them, because they don’t involve you. So you will know the realities of abuse and violence that another really goes through, because you are simply not interested.
    And you are simply not interested in what was done to my baby daughter, to my other two daughters. We went through a hell that I wish on no other person.

    I lived in a $1 million home, once then my children, were left to live on the street and die. Zero help from the police and courts. None. And zero help from the Government, and we begged for help.
    I lost everything I had worked all my life for, we even lost our clothes, all our family air-looms, we lost the lot, but we didn’t lose our lives, only one of my children did, which I live with every single day.

    No, we were just re-abused over and over.

    So when I hear your hatred of Muslims, trying to make them responsible for terrorism, read the bloody article, watch Andrew Wilkie’s video. Because they are not responsible, our Government is.
    They created this terrorism with their lies.

    My ex-husband also a corporate business man, I know first-hand that laundering for terrorism takes place with Australian and overseas business men, I witnessed it first-hand.
    I would be more scared about the bloody terrorists in our own Government, in corporate business man than anything else.
    The greed and corruption of these men, it is endless. I have seen it, they will kill for it, and do. They have the money and power to buy off police, the courts, the Government, and they do all the time.

    I am one of the many authors of our website, we have many.



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