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Domestic Violence — Abuse does not respect Gender


Abuse does not respect Gender. Abuse does not discriminate. Abuse does not have a used by date, it can start from the day you are born until the day you die.
Abuse leaves invisible scars. Scars from abuse are not always external, they are also internal scars.

Abuse is Abuse, there is No and or But or in-between

abuse  domesticviolence  sexualabuse  siblingabuse  PTSD  Anxiety  Happen to men and women, children. All genders, all races, all religions and all social statues.

We have some cases that we have come across of shocking physical abuse by women to men. Unprovoked. These men were placid men, they would not retaliate.
And yes to all those men hating women out there; there are men who will never hit a women or retaliate even when provoked.

We have seen from our work, women attack men with scissors through the leg. Attack them with a vacuum cleaner hose. Screw drives, hammers; and physically chase them down the street while the man was trying to get away. 
Beat a man so hard across the head he lost hearing in that ear, and his ear was bleeding. 
And yes abuse just like the banner in this article. 
Yes there are some very violent women in this world as well.
In the last week we put 4 articles up on our google plus pages of abuse cases in Australia by women. And we tagged Rosie Batty;s name to those articles, since she says "only men commit abuse".

Of course men commit domestic violence, no one is disputing this, certainly not us. 
One of our own people Alexandria and other professional people who are part of our team have endured domestic violence by men and also lost a child through abuse.
Alexandria went through a life of abuse, and was sexually abused when she was 8 yrs old then as an adult. 
But they have also endured domestic violence by women as well.   Women, children, siblings, young teens, and elderly people commit abuse. Again Abuse does not discriminate.

We have so called advocates saying — direct quotes from Miss Rosie Batty, that she stands by. "Abuse is only committed by men." "It is only committed by men using drugs and alcohol."
Those words are not true, incorrect, and very dangerous words to preach. 
They are dangerous world wide, those word actually incite more abuse and violence, they cause a segregation between sexes, and genders. 
Those words are dangerous words to teach to children, young adults, any adults, because they are not true. 
There are no published medical studies what so ever to support those words.We do not support Rosie Batty, never will and it would seem most of Australia feels the same way. 

The Stop Talking Rosie Batty Article is Here

This is a Press Release Update:
NLP are setting up to profit off abuse and domestic violence Rosie Batty works for Turnbull, profiting from abuse, now Turnbull wants to do the same thing. We wrote this in 2015, and now Labor who support us, have confirmed this very thing. We have nominated one of our own professionals for Australian of the Year 2017, Alexandria. You can read about Alexandria through the article links here
You can read the articles exposing this and exposing Miss Batty here and Here

Now you have the entire picture why Domestic Violence is ignored in Australia by the LNP Government and Malcolm Turnbull. Why he and Tony Abbott ripped the $300 million from the domestic violence budget, closed shelters, took away legal funding, and the same funding was ripped away from mental health, and homeless. His Grand plan is to profit from these crimes, from the suffering of millions of people. Absolutely Disgraceful.

#NOMORE #RiseUp #Warrior

A world wide organization Ark of Hope for abused children also supports our words abuse does not discriminate, it is also committed by women. 


Domestic Violence & Child Abuse — leaves Invisible Scars Article Here 

Domestic Violence — Abuse — Silence hides Violence  Article Here

These article will show you how domestic violence and abuse does not discriminate. 

Alexandria is living proof Abuse does not discriminate. She suffered abuse by her mother, her entire life, as a child and an adult. So have millions around the words, both men and women. Alexandria is also a professional and now specializes in abuse.

The comments on our article also supporting the words, abuse does not discriminate. You can read those for yourself Here and more of the dribble From Rosie Batty. Article Here
When you are an advocate you do not discriminate, you do not profit from abuse. 

Our Professionals are international speakers and we belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence.

All of our articles are complied by a team of people, we have professionals and advocates from all over Australia and the world; men and women, and we also belong to world wide organizations, and work with Federal Authorities world wide, exposing crimes of abuse, violence and corruption.
We have a very generous graphics design team who donate their time and services for free for all of our beautiful posters.
Our team of people do not get paid; we are non profit. We do not make money of abuse, that is simply wrong.
We use our own money and time as advocates and activists. 

Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award.
This year one of our own Alexandria has been nominated for an Australian of the year award 2017.

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