#StopTalkingRosieBatty Abuse does not respect Gender

Abuse Does Not Discriminate


We can understand why these words have so many people angry, we are, even the media are and domestic violence advocacy groups, survivors and victims of abuse as well as medical professionals. 
These are the words we are talking about.
"Domestic violence is only committed by men" WRONG
"Domestic violence is only committed by men using drugs and alcohol" WRONG
Those words are direct quotes from Miss Rosie Batty, and those words are un-true, wrong and very, very dangerous words that she preaches and stands by. 
These are the words she wants taught to our children and youth. 
As parents absolutely NOT, that is simply crazy and very dangerous. 

The latest dangerous dribble of Rosie Batty's that the Huntington post posted 14/6/2016  is; Miss Batty says "All men are dangerous." WTF.
One can only begin to reason the Huntington Post did this article to show what a dangerous extremist Miss Batty is, and how she dribbles absolute crap, and is dangerous to all of society. 
And from the reaction on social media and to the article, the world agrees.
MP's, Senators, Advocacy groups have all distanced them-selves from her. The medical people who specialize in abuse, who have the degrees, have never supported her in the first place. 

#StopTalkingRosieBatty Please when you have finished reading this article check out the comments, you are going to want to read them. 

If you read this article Here you will see how Rosie Batty's extremist's abuse other women who will not conform to their man hating ways; we have the tweets, screen shot Feminism what does it mean, how it is misused

external links are highlighted or underlined.

Those words are inciting violence and abuse, degradation, and segregating men and women. Stop‬ talking ‪Rosie Batty‬.‬ 
"I don't know much about domestic violence" the only sentence you have got right yet.

Here are the real figures from Domestic Violence - Child abuse - sexual abuse all interlinked. Our figures come from the Police Commissioner himself, from published medical studies, from medical symposiums. Not from the crap rolling out the mouth of Rosie Batty and Malcolm Turnbull and they circus or corruption Batty now works for as well. Click on the highlighted link to take you to the article.

Domestic Violence- Child Abuse Terrorism V Government Terrorism

This is a Press Release Update: June 29 th 2016
NLP are setting up to profit off abuse and domestic violence Rosie Batty works for Turnbull, profiting from abuse, now Turnbull wants to do the same thing. We wrote this in 2015, and now Labor who support us, have confirmed this very thing. We have nominated one of our own professionals for Australian of the Year 2017, Alexandria. You can read about Alexandria through the article links here

You can read about Alexandria through the article links here
Or you can go to Alexandria's own website to read more about her and the life of abuse she endured. Diary of a Women
You can also read more about Alexandria's abuse Through this article  DON'T BE SEDUCED BY THE DARK SIDE also from her website Article Link
We wanted approached Alexandria last year with our wishes to nominate her for Australian of the year. She declined due to an assault she was still recovering from. 
Alexandria was viciously assaulted in her home and suffered serious injuries. 

You can read the articles exposing this and exposing Miss Batty here and Here

Now you have the entire picture why Domestic Violence, child abuse, sexual abuse and homelessness  is ignored in Australia by the LNP Government and Malcolm Turnbull. 
Why he and Tony Abbott ripped the $300 million from the domestic violence budget, closed shelters, took away legal funding, and the same funding was ripped away from mental health, and homeless. His Grand plan is to profit from these crimes, from the suffering of millions of people, the death of children and victims of abuse. 
Two weeks ago The Guardian online paper did an article about "Foundations" and "Organizations" and "Individuals" profiting off abuse. We had sent them three article over the last six months, and finally they did a story exposing this. 
Absolutely Disgraceful. 
Only a monster would do this, and more monsters supporting this disgusting greed.

Miss Batty was dead against law reform she stood in the media with zero knowledge of the issues of domestic violence and said this. 

You are absolutely incorrect Rosie Batty, we need law reform. 
Thank God the Government did not listen to you. 
They listened to the professionals who specialize in abuse. Stop talking Miss Batty.

Silence does hide abuse Miss Batty, so does you out right ignorance. Silence Hides Violence Article Here

Degradation of Women a World Wide Disgrace. You might want to read this Miss Batty since you are degrading victims of abuse and men and children. Article Here

Domestic Violence — Abuse does not respect Gender  You need to read this article Miss Batty since you are ignorant about abuse Article Here

Feminism — what does it mean — how it is misused. You need to read this Miss Batty since you have teamed up with a bunch of dangerous extremists miss- using the word Feminism abusing other women and men.   Article Here

Domestic Violence & Child Abuse — leaves Invisible Scars Article and our world wide campaign

Rosie Batty was paid $500,000 to speak that dribble, a person who knows not much about Domestic Violence, (her words)  and misleads the entire world about it, the highest paid speaker in the free world. 
Hillary Clinton was paid $250,000-$350,000 for speaking engagements— political bribes. Doesn't quit add up does it. 
Yes people they are called political bribes. There are you tube videos on this very thing.

Straight after being paid the $500K Miss Batty immediately goes on the speaking trail for Malcolm Turnbull

Selling him as the best choice for PM for Australia, when he is far from it. 
Doesn't quite pass the sniff test does it. You can read more of this in our article link. Malcolm Turnbull and Miss Batty have this article. 
Domestic Violence is more of a threat than Terrorism Article 

None of the real advocates of Domestic Violence who have been fighting for the cause for decades, shelters, professionals who specialize in Domestic Violence, victims or survivors were paid a dam cent. We are the ones fighting the battle and public heath epidemic of abuse, and doing so world wide. 

We never get any credit for the work we do. We don't get paid. 
The media never tells you about our work, yet we have been doing it for over a decade. 
Rosie Batty comes in and takes all the credit, when she has actually put Domestic Violence and abuse backwards, not forward.
None of the victims or survivors of child abuse, child sexual abuse, rape were paid a dam cent.
None of the soldiers who have served in all our wars were paid to rebuild their lives; PTSD, Anxiety. They were in most cases abandoned by our Government, and no more so than the Liberal Government. (Don't even get us started on what the LNP has done to our soldiers) Members of our families are part of those soldiers who fought for our countries. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — PTSD — Anxiety Article Here

They are continuously abused on a daily basis by Malcolm Turnbull and his party of the LNP, including by Miss Batty.
We have had communications from victims of Domestic violence advocate organizations telling us this very thing, she is abusing victims and survivors, victim blaming. 

While domestic violence victims and even survivors are homeless, struggling to survive, she is living it up, compliments of Malcolm Turnbull. She is making money off abuse. This is simply wrong and disgusting. And boy have people been letting us know this, they feel the same way we do. 
Victims and survivors of abuse are furious at her, so is most of Australia, now their eyes have been opened. 

Rosie Batty has her own agenda here, to make as much money as she can off abuse, to join Malcolm Turnbull's bunch of elitists puppets who abuse people in Australia on a daily basis.
The media Owned by Rupert Murdoch, who own Malcolm Turnbull. Using the Murdoch media empire to spread their lies to the world, whats new.

A very inelegant world wide activists said this, and he is 100% correct "There is a real split between journalists who are working to reveal information and journalists who are propagandists" - Edward Snowden and also the words of Julian Assange. And also us at The Wikileaks Party. 

We see this propaganda from the media every day, they could sell you a child rapist, pedophile, murder as being a saint with enough bullshit. Hang on they do on a daily basis.

We contacted Bill Shorten from Labor; we sent him all of our articles including this one and all the letters on Rosie Batty. 
He has listened to us, and is going to make it a priority to address domestic violence and sexual abuse, child abuse. 
This is from our actions Miss Batty not yours, your words and actions are dangerous to the world, not just Australia; and the world see's this as well.

We have Senators and MP's who support our work and words, our articles and the media, follow our website and connect with us on social media. World leaders, advocate organizations world wide, professionals, victims and survivors of abuse.

Stop Talking Rosie Batty , domestic violence victims world wide want you to stop talking. Advocate organizations want you to stop talking. Domestic violence and abuse victims & survivors want you to STOP TALKING- STOP profiting from abuse. Stop misleading society about abuse. Stop abusing victims and survivors of abuse with your dangerous words and actions.

You did not deserve in any world to be made Australian of the year. This award was given to you by Malcolm Turnbull politically motivated and nothing more. 
Australian of the year awards are given to people who have worked tirelessly for decades, selflessly. You have done neither of those things.

If we stood in the media and dribbled those words of yours we would be strung up quartered by a linch-mob. We would be ridiculed in the media world wide. Not given a bloody award for your dangerous, dangerous words, misleading the world with your dangerous words and abusing victims and survivors.

Miss Batty ; Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse, sexual abuse, Psychological Abuse, Sibling Abuse do not discriminate, they effect all sexes, all genders, all races, all religions and all social statues. Abuse does not respect Gender.
These are our words and always have been, they are on our website, on our posters, on our social media posts. 

Our people have multiple degrees, we specialize in abuse, we belong to world wide organizations as advocates and activists against domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, human-trafficking, child pornography. We have done for over a decade.
Miss Batty ; As high as 81%* of men in psychiatric hospitals have experienced physical or sexual abuse. 67% were abused as children.

We have added an update because of an article than has just run and a new campaign that David Morrison has launched.
Is this guy for real? Australian of the Year wants people to stop saying 'guys' to groups of men and women because it's 'exclusive' and 'takes away self-respect' (That is the headlines on the Daily Mail) David Morrison launched the campaign; Words At Work on Wednesday

Here is what i, and we have have to say. OK where the hell do we even start here.  Myself and our people use the word men and boys and transgender. When we talk about men. We use the words women and girls when we talk about women.
But David if you are going to address the word "Guy" being offensive. The word "Guy" or "Guys" has been around before you were born David, it is a universal word, used all around the world.

Why on earth are you not offended through your teeth at the crap Rosie Batty dribbles ; These are the words she stands by, preaches and shouts, want taught to our children and the world.
Direct quotes. Domestic violence and abuse is only committed by men (Absolutely wrong)
Domestic Violence and Abuse is only committed by men using drugs and alcohol (Absolutely wrong).

And there is not one single medical study to back up this dribble of Rosie Batty's. NONE.

Why are you not offended by that crap, which is inciting degradation of men, inciting abuse, violence and segregating men from women. Teaching our children the completely wrong thing.

Hell we are not even men, we are women and we are offended by those words. The men in our groups are, men all over the word are offended by those words. 

People all over the world are offended by those words.

20 April 2016 at 02:41 From Emily Millicent South Australia.
Rosie Batty spoke in Millicent SA last night at the Library i was there, she was in Mount Gambier Thursday. She was definitely on the campaign trail for Malcolm Turnbull. 
The turn out was dismal, know why. 
She said last night, direct quote "Domestic Violence is only committed by men" this shocked the few in the room by her words, because we know its not.
She talked about herself, not knowing about domestic violence because she is not a professional and she was pumping up Malcolm Turnbull, singing his praises; bullshit bullshit. 

She told the local media no pictures when they went to take them. Was not interested in answering questions. 
I asked Rosie Batty something on her website then twitter, she completely ignored me. 

She was only interested in selling her book and selling Malcolm Turnbull to the country people. What you have said in this article is correct, saw it for myself last night. 
There is no way on Gods earth she should have been given Australian of the Year. 
I am a victim of domestic violence and Rosie Batty was not interested in answering my questions. 
YEP she has no clue what she is talking about, that was made clear last night. 

Malcolm Turnbull or Tony Abbott never gave me one single dime to rebuild the lives of my children and me, and were were left with nothing, i have been a victim for 10 years, so have my children. 

I agree with your words, when you are a victim of domestic violence you don't go out and start a foundation and quickly write a book to financially gain from it. 
Maybe her foundation needs investigating, look what Shane Warn was doing with his foundation, living it up on donations. 

She is politically motivated that was made clear, she works for Turnbull saw it last night. She never once mentioned how good the labor party or the Greens party might be, she only sung the praises of Malcolm Turnbull. 

If you had been in the room and seen the looks on peoples faces, they were shocked, and horrified by her actions and words. Malcolm Turnbull is the biggest problem along with the Liberal party in Australia right now and Rosie Batty is supporting his actions. 
Sorry don't support Malcolm Turnbull or the Liberal party or Rosie Batty. 

So did Rosie Batty give that $500,000 to the domestic violence shelters Australia wide so they could stay open and help victims. 
I think not. But i would definitely like to know. 

Her social media pages are full of feminists woman sucking up her ass. I heard what Mark Latham said on radio; good on you Mark, he spoke the truth and got abused by those feminists who support Rosie Batty. 
I am no feminist and i don't support Rosie Batty, but i did agree with Mark Latham and your articles. They are spot on. 
Keep up the great work. 
Would love for your people to come to the country and speak about abuse, because you are the only ones getting it right. 
Regards Emily.

We have dozens of these on our website, and hundreds more in comments and messages from other social media.
This is the article where this comment came from Here
My letter to Rosie Batty is also at the end of that article and more of what we exposed about Miss Batty.

What people and the media were not aware of until we informed them is, Miss Batty has been stealing word for word from our articles then standing in the media and claiming them as her own. When they were not, they were from us. (Our words are the only words that makes sense and our correct) The words Miss Batty stands by of degradation of men are her words, words she has preached from the day one.

She also stole the grief of one of our Professionals Alexandria, from her own story of abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and loosing a child, then used it as her own. Yes she did this. 

Alexandria suffered a life of abuse and this is what Miss Batty did to her. Alexandria is also an International speaker.
We have also nominated Alexandria for a 2017 Australian of the year award for the un-selfish, tireless, unpaid work she has done for over a decade, with Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, child abuse and other advocate causes. 
Alexandria is well deserving of this award, not Rosie Batty. 
Alexandria contacted Miss Batty, and asked her to stop, she expressed how hurt and upset she was, by what Miss Batty had done. No reply from Miss Batty.

The latest absolute crap of Rosie Batty's, saying all men are dangerous. You really need to shut the hell up Rosie Batty. 
The most dangerous person to society right now is you. 
Not one single published medical study to back up any of the crap Rosie Batty spurts. Her words "I don't know much about abuse" 
We have seen in the UK the death of a MP Jo Cox because of hatred and violence. Miss Batty you are inciting violence, hatred and degradation. You are putting lives in danger.  
You are so narcissistic you cant even see it in front of your own nose. And to the media stop encouraging this women. It is a Diffusion of responsibility by you by doing so. 
We can see the law suits now Miss Batty.

Miss Batty stalks our website and social media pages and we have been watching two accounts that she may also be using to do this in  alias names. She copies our articles, then stands constantly in the media claiming them as hers. She is that en-educated about abuse she should not be in the media what so ever. 
Our new article on the Family Court she has now gone and done the same thing. We have addressed the Family court many times in other articles we have written which are in the archives. 
Family Court — Broken Justice Article Here

If you want to read a little more about Alexandria's life of abuse you can do so through her website and article Here Scars — Vulnerability. 
We have added little segments through-out our articles on Alexandria's abuse because it is the story of children, men and women world wide. They connect with Alexandria, they are her. We will be adding a full article shortly on Alexandria's life of abuse.  She suffered sexual abuse as a child and adult, domestic violence and abuse by her mother, domestic violence and abuse by her husband and also lost a child to domestic violence.

Please read the comments at the end of this article

Our Professionals are international speakers and we belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence.

All of our articles are complied by a team of people, we have professionals and advocates from all over Australia and the world; men and women, and we also belong to world wide organizations, and work with Federal Authorities world wide, exposing crimes of abuse, violence and corruption. 
We have over 16 million readers who read our articles through our website and social media. We are always receiving wonderful feedback. Even saving lives.
We have a very generous graphics design team who donate their time and services for free for all of our beautiful posters. 

Our team of people do not get paid; we are non profit. We do not make money of abuse, that is simply wrong.
We use our own money and time as advocates and activists.  You do not profit from these crimes, that is simply wrong and unacceptable. 

Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award.
This year one of our own Alexandria has been nominated for an Australian of the year award 2017.

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  1. The words in the article and our words are supported worldwide.
    No one told my story; no one gave me a medal. No one gave the thousands of victims of abuse Australia wide any of these things either. We have all been through and back and then some.
    Domestic violence and abuse Terrorism
    No one gave me any money to rebuild my life, no one gave the other victims in Australia or worldwide this either.
    I have worked tirelessly for over a decade as an advocate to stop violence, abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, human-trafficking, child pornography.
    I don’t live in a fancy house, I don’t have fancy things, I lost it all, and you can never get back what you lost.

    I was a victim of abuse and domestic violence my entire life.
    I had a very abusive mother, then went onto marry a man who was abusive throughout our marriage.
    I lost a child to domestic violence. I was sexually abused by my step brother when i was 8 yrs old he was 10 yrs older than me.
    I was sexually abused inside my marriage.

    When i escaped i had nothing, my children we had nothing.
    I lost everything, but not our lives.
    I lost my home, i lived in a $1million home, i had beautiful things; i worked all my life for.
    I lost all my family air-looms, which i will never get back.
    I lost all my pictures.
    My children also lost everything.
    Even when i left the abuse did not stop, it continued.
    I received no help from the courts, the police or the Government. They just abused me for speaking, for breaking the chains.

    Then we have Rosie Batty, abusing victims, and yes the survivors of abuse every day. Victims and survivors and journalists are telling is this very thing also.
    She abuses them with her words that she constantly spurts.
    Not our words she steals, because they are the only words that do make sense.
    It’s her words, the words that she stands by which are in the article. They are the words she shouts the loudest.

    Those are the words dangerous to the entire world, the words she wants taught in schools, the words she wants brain washed into our children. HELL NO.
    She has these man hating Feminists extremist’s supporting her. They abuse other women and men how will not support their ludicrously. Those are the women damaging and misusing the word Feminism. Making it a dirty word. They are not advocates they are extremists dangerous to society and to our children. A professor who teaches women’s studies at a University agrees, her comments are in our article link here http://50-shades-of-abuse.blogspot.com.au/2016/05/feminism-what-does-it-mean-how-it-is.html

    She has stylists, managers, minders, lives it up, first class travel, fancy hotel suites, not allowed to touch her, approach her, take her picture. That is the absolutely Hypocrisy of this women. Next she will be demanding a Night Hood. God Help us all if that ever happens. The word really will have gone completely insane.
    Who knows not much as she said about Domestic violence.
    Yet the Liberal party and Malcolm Turnbull parade her around to speak that bloody crap.


    1. I have been where those women escaping abuse have been, homeless, with nothing but a few suitcases.
      No money, nothing. No help, nothing.
      I lost all of my assets before i was even married, because of a broken UN-justice justice system.
      One thing i did get because of my own work i did in the court, i was immediately given soul custody of our children, because his abuse to me and our children was on record.
      That was the only just thing the court did, after that it was downhill.
      Psychological and financial abuse by the justice system. That is the story of thousands of women in Australia and worldwide.

      My children and i lived on sandwiches for months at a time, we couldn't afford heating. I had a very sick child and we could not even afford heating. We had sleeping bags, that was our heating. Snow jackets, beanies, gloves. That was our heating.
      That is millions of women worldwide.

      So when we have this women standing in the media abusing other victims, including children by her words and actions of course we are mad, i am mad, Australia and the word are mad, furious.

      Rosie Batty supports Malcolm Turnbull and The minister for women Cash, those are just two of the worst abusers against women, children and men, who are victims of abuse in Australia.
      They are also the victim’s abusers, on a daily basis, and they have cost the lives of many people.
      And Rosie Batty supports them, she supports that abuse. And her words, I have never heard such dangerous words from a women who is meant to be an advocate. She is an advocate for herself that’s it.

      I have, our people have, contacted Rosie Batty many times, all forms of communications, she ignores every form.
      She is making a killing from domestic violence and abuse.

      This is simply bloody disgusting.

      No one pays our people to talk, we don't have a glam squad, we don't have minders, managers, stay in fancy hotels, first class travel, none of that. We don't know any International speakers who even have this, who actually do know what they are talking about, who have multiple degrees.

      My love and support for all victims of abuse & sexual abuse, you are never alone. I am a #Warrior I am the storm, #RiseUP…. Alexandria

    2. Sorry for the few typos, just noticed. Also writing in a hurry.

      I just wanted to add: We posted our article on The Honey Trap yesterday. We have talked about this prior on our social media pages. The 4D's to Psychological abuse.

      I have personally experienced this Psychological abuse, Warfare, insidious cruel abuse many, many times. PTSD and Anxiety and other health conditions. This is the damage abuse does to any victim including children, we have written about Anxiety and PTSD many times.

      I experienced this by my abusers, My then husband now my ex, by the police when i tried to get help, by the courts, and by our own Government.
      The Greater the Power of your abuser the greater the abuse.
      I kept a detailed record of the Psychological abuse i went through, by my abusers.

      I contacted Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull for justice. Justice ignored, denied.

      There was no justice for the death of my child, there was no justice for VRO's broken over 60 times. No justice for my broken bones, bruises, cuts, the abuse of my children.
      There was no justice for the financial abuse i endured, all of our things were taken, stolen from us. No justice from the courts, or Government.

      If i had not had studied law i would have lost my children as well to the broken justice system, to be abused over and over again by their father and the courts.
      He lost that when i was given soul custody. A women Magistrate gave me that custody.

      The court system is cruel, broken, UN-just. I have lived it witnessed hundreds of times. This has to change the entire Justice system world wide has to be overhauled and laws changed to support children and victims of abuse. Right now they are not, the court is ignoring the laws, abusing children and victims of abuse.
      This is something we are addressing with other world organizations to change.
      Even Bernie Sanders Presidential candidate has listened to our words, he follows us on our website and social media, shared our articles and words.

      This is a very short summery of the abuse i endured. Obviously there is a lot more to write. My story is in incorporated into our articles. As my story is the story of millions of women world wide.

      Healing from abuse and sexual violence takes a life time, never let any one shame you, never let any one rush that healing.
      Never let anyone tell you, that you don't matter, so what, its your fault because you never left.
      Those people are ignorant to abuse, they are the bystanders who do nothing to help a child or adult from a life of abuse.

      Theses people like your abusers will always be cowards, and you who has endured pain and suffering from abuse will always be a Warrior. And Warriors stand together.
      I was shamed, and knocked down for breaking the chains for speaking out.
      I was shamed my entire life.
      Now i am a warrior i am the storm.

      LOve Alexandria ❤❤

  2. And YES Abuse is committed by women, it was committed by my own mother both verbally and Physically. And i did not grow up poor. No drugs or Alcohol.
    I have seen first hand with the work i do, our people do, Abuse is committed by women, and by men, even by children and teenagers, elderly people with inside a family unit.
    Abuse is also covered up within family units.

    Silence does hide violence, as does ignorance and a Diffusion of Responsibility. These are my words, words that are on our posters. Words i also stand by because those words are 100 % truth. Supported by published medical studies.

    Abuse does not discriminate.

    Just today alone our twitter pages have tweets from people supporting our words.
    Much more education is needed about abuse and we are talking all forms of abuse, they are all interlinked.
    Rosie Batty has done a huge amount of damage with her words she shouts loud.
    "Domestic Violence-abuse is only committed by men"
    "Domestic Violence-abuse is only committed men using drugs and alcohol"
    Those are her words she shouts, is paid to dribble.

    Those words are very dangerous words, and are completely untrue. A fact supported by world wide organizations, MP, senators, world leaders.

    But Rosie Batty who knows not much about abuse- domestic violence; her words here. Shouts her words she stands by. Yes Australia has gone insane when these words are allowed to preached and she also wants these words jammed down our children's throats.
    There are NO medical studies to support those dangerous words of Rosie Batty's. Because those words are not true, just ridiculous, dangerous.

    We have copies of world wide organizations supporting our words "Women also commit abuse" the screen shots are in our articles.

  3. OK i am online and i just read this article; here it is.

    Is this guy for real? Australian of the Year wants people to stop saying 'guys' to groups of men and women because it's 'exclusive' and 'takes away self-respect' (That is the headlines on the Daily Mail) David Morrison launched the campaign #WordsAtWork on Wednesday

    Here is what i have to say. *OK where the hell do i even start here* ; Myself and our people use the word men and boys and transgender. When we talk about men.
    But David if you are going to address the word "Guy" being offensive.
    Why on earth are you not offended through your teeth at the crap Rosie Batty dribbles ; These are the words she stands by, preaches and shouts.
    Direct quotes. Domestic violence and abuse is only committed by men (Absolutely wrong)
    Domestic Violence and Abuse is only committed by men using drugs and alcohol (Absolutely wrong).

    Why are you not offended by that crap, which is inciting degradation of men, inciting abuse, violence and segregating men from women. Teaching our children the completely wrong thing.

    Hell we are not even men, we are women and we are offended by those words. The men in our groups are offended by those words. People all over the world are offended by those words.

    See silence by the media, no responsibility. Irresponsible journalism again.

    David Morrison launched the campaign #WordsAtWork on Wednesday
    The two minute clip attempts to demonstrate the subtle ways offensive language can affect people's ability to engage at work.
    'DCA's new campaign is not about being "politically correct" – it is about encouraging people to use language at work which is respectful, accurate, and relevant to everyone,' General Morrison said in a statement on Wednesday.

    Well we launched our own Campaign and its called #StopTalkingRosieBatty her words are not only offensive and dangerous world wide they are not true, yet she is pushing her offensive words onto society onto our children.

    And world wide people want her stopped. I am contacting the Daily Mail with our campaign.

  4. We will be adding Alexandria's story of abuse, sexual violence and loosing her own child in a new article. Alexandria's story in incorporated into other articles we have on abuse.
    Women and men are thanking us, thanking Alexandria for her words, for telling her story and journey.
    Their comments are on our website and social media.

    They are connecting with Alexandria, they are her. They have been through what she has been through, men and women, including teenagers.
    Her words are raw and honest. You don't need to write fancy words to put down on paper, to tell your journey, your own story of abuse.

    So we want to put Alexandria's journey into one special article. People write all the time to her saying how inspiring she is to them.

    Alexandria does have her own website as well with articles, and a little more about her story is also in those articles.

    https://twitter.com/diaryofa_women @diaryofa_women http://diariesofawomen.blogspot.com

    Anyone can comment on our website, you don't have to have a google account to do so.

  5. I was checking the stats and over and this article Abuse does not Discriminate #StopTalkingRosieBatty has reached over 300,000 world wide. On social media on our website women and men are agreeing with this article, with our words.
    Miss Batty has done a huge amount of harm and damage to Domestic Violence with her harmful, dangerous, Discriminate and degrading words.

    What makes things worse is we have these extremists radical Feminist who are "so called writers" for news magazines online and most owned by Rupert Murdoch. We have seen some of the rubbish these women journalists write. Miranda Divine included. They will support any rubbish if it gets them attention. They are looking to toot their own horns.

    We just loves these words Diffusion of responsibility and Irresponsible journalism by these women.


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