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Human-Trafficking Break the Chain  Rise Up. Speak up- report human-sex- trafficking. Traffickers are targeting our children, through social media. Every 3 minutes in the world another person becomes a victim a statistic to human-trafficking.
85% of the victims trafficked are young girls and women.
You can not as a parent apart of our society not be informed, not know how to begin to protect your child from being another victim.

Please read this world wide article to know the signs, to be informed, to Rise Up and report human-trafficking
We have video documentaries on human trafficking in our articles showing you how easy it is for a child to fall prey to human-traffickers. 
This is also done through grooming over the internet. 
That grooming can take months even.
They are gone in a few minutes, many never seen again.
We all have children of different age groups, but most of all we all love our children, want to protect them and keep them safe. 

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Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking Article Read More

Fight Human Trafficking | Homeland Security update Article Read More 

Ark of Hope for Children Give a Child of Abuse, Human-trafficking article Read More

The deep web; the dark side of the internet and Sexual Predators Article Read More

Human-Trafficking Break the Chain  Rise Up. Speak up- report human-sex- trafficking. Chad Beaty, cinematographer and editor. 
This video should be in schools world wide, it should be on our TV's informing our youth, you as parents, us as a society, how easy it is to fall prey to human-trafficking. We are going to make this happen world wide as advocates, activists, professionals as humanitarians who care about our nations children, the people of our world.This is how easy it is through social media for your child to fall victim to human-sex-traffickers.

#humantrafficking  New movie 2016 : Award winning actors and actress's have come together to make this movie..
From the Co-Producers of GOD'S NOT DEAD, CAGED NO MORE is a feature film that will raise awareness of human trafficking, aid in connecting anti-trafficking organizations, equip parents, schools and churches to aid in prevention, and assist in eradicating trafficking. Please watch the trtailer preview of this movie to open your eyes to human-trafficking. How anyones child could be taken for human-trafficking.

Florida Human Trafficking PSA HD. A must watch very short film to draw awareness to how any child can fall prey to Human-trafficking. It could be your child. Please watch and be educated about human-trafficking.

Teen sex trafficking victim tells her story. Please watch and listen to how easy it is. The girl next door. You d not have to come from a poor family to be the victim of Human-trafficking. This could be your child who falls prey to human-traffickers. You have to watch this video and see how child grooming is done. 

Alicia Kozakiewicz, a survivor of human trafficking and founder of the Alicia Project, tells her story and relays how crucial it is that employees on the frontline of this crime are trained to recognize and report it. The Alicia Project proudly supports the Association of Flight Attendants' call on Congress to mandate training introduced two years ago by DHS and the DOT to train airline personnel and equip them with the tools to accurately identify and report human trafficking. To pledge your support, go to hiddeninplanesight.org and to learn more about Alicia's efforts to uncover this heinous crime, go to aliciaproject.org.

Ark of Hope for abused kids world wide organization and Human-trafficking shares our articles, supports our work, and recommends us as one of their top people to follow @Goddess300 Alexandria
We belong to Ark of Hope.  

This readers is reality, the reality for a child being sold through social media for sex; to be a sex slave. This is why you have to educate yourself about social media, sex trafficking. 
 According to the criminal complaint filed by Homeland Security, Quinn arrived at the Los Angeles hotel expecting to meet up with three fellow child predators. Following on from staged conversations earlier in the month, it is alleged the men had then planned to go to a party where a sex trafficker would provide them with young boys to have sex with.Quinn allegedly met up with the men in a hotel room on Saturday afternoon, unaware that they were actually undercover Homeland Security Investigation special agents. It is alleged another undercover agent posing as a sex trafficker arrived at the room moments later and collected the money payment from Quinn for the young boy. As soon as Quinn handed the money over, agents flooded the room and took him into custody.

October 2015 we rescue two 13 year old girls in the USA, Michigan from human-trafficking into prostitution. They had been kidnapped and sold into human trafficking. We made the report to Home-land Security Human-Trafficking division after discovering through our social media what was being done. The FBI then went in and rescued the girls. The incident even made world wide news. We are here in Australia and yet we rescued two children on the other side of the world from a life of human-sex-trafficking through the work we do in Human-trafficking.

Washington –  May 16, 2016 – Today, U.S. Sens. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) joined flight attendants, anti-trafficking advocates, and federal law enforcement at Ronald Reagan National Airport to urge Congress to pass legislation that would help to combat human trafficking on commercial air flights.
Read Full article Here

We have also made reports on social media accounts conducting human trafficking of children for prostitution or for pedophiles. Social media has become the hunting ground for sexual abusers and for human-trafficking.
Please if you see something out of the ordinary, take a snapshot and report to the Federal Authorities in your city-country...you could be saving the life of children from a life as sex slaves. We have the world wide trafficking hotlines in the side bar of our website.

8 tweets could leaders hackers & stalkers to your door. Stay safe online while using twitter and social media. 
Teach your children who use twitter and social media to be safe online. Turn off locator on twitter, never give out your private details to anyone.
Children also targeted by human-trafficking and pedophiles. 13 yrs old's use twitter, some even younger set up accounts in another siblings name.

Grooming is the systematic way that predators manipulate their victims into trusting them, depending on them emotionally and ultimately meeting them. This usually involves sympathy, the calculated use of flattery, and deliberate and sometimes subtle ways to alienate the victim from others. (This information comes from the FBI cyber unit)

Predators are very skilled is pre-assessing victims and determining which tactics and methods will be most effective on a specific woman or child. Predators are very skilled at evaluating and determining a woman or child’s vulnerabilities and adapt their strategies accordingly.

All parents want to protect their children from predators, but how do you keep your kids safe when you don't know how to spot one? Anyone can be a child molester or a pedophile, so identifying one can be difficult — especially because most child molesters or pedophiles are initially trusted by the children they abuse. Read on to learn which behaviors and traits are red flags, what situations to avoid, and how to deter child molesters from targeting your child.

But remember, not all pedophiles are child molesters, and having thoughts about children is not the same as acting on them. Moreover, someone who is better at interacting with children than with adults is not necessarily a pedophile.

 1... Understand that any adult could be a child molester. There is no one physical characteristic, appearance, profession, or personality type that all child molesters share. Child molesters can be any sex or race, and their religious affiliations, occupations and hobbies are as diverse as anyone else's. A child molester may appear to be charming, loving, and completely good-natured while harboring predatory thoughts that he or she is adept at hiding. That means you should never dismiss the idea that someone could be a child molester out of hand.

2...Know that most child molesters are known to the children they abuse. Thirty percent of children who have been sexually abused were abused by a family member, and 60 percent were abused by an adult they knew who was not a family member. That means only 10 percent of children who are sexually abused were targeted by a total stranger.

  • In most cases, the child molester turns out to be someone known to the child through school or another activity, such as a neighbor, teacher, coach, member of the clergy, music instructor, or babysitter.
  • Family members like mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, stepparents, and so on may also be sexual predators.

3....Know the common characteristics of a child molester. While anyone can turn out to be a child molester, the majority of child molesters are men, regardless of whether their victims are male or female. Many sexual predators have a history of abuse in their own past, either physical or sexual.
  • Some also have mental illness, such as a mood or personality disorder.
  • Heterosexual and homosexual men are equally likely to be child molesters. The idea that homosexual men are more likely to be child molesters is a complete myth.
  • Female child molesters are more likely to abuse boys than girls.

4....Look for signs of grooming. The term "grooming" refers to the process the child molester undertakes to gain a child's trust, and sometimes the parents' trust as well. Over the course of months or even years, a child molester will increasingly become a trusted friend of the family, offering to babysit, take the child shopping or on trips, or spend time with the child in other ways. Many child molesters won't actually begin abusing a child until trust has been gained. Some may use others opinions around them to back up their trustworthiness in order to take children shopping.
  • Child molesters look for children who are vulnerable to their tactics because they lack emotional support or aren't getting enough attention at home or will try to convince the parents their children are safe with them and that they are not going far. The child molester will attempt to step in as the "parent" figure for the child.
  • Some child molesters prey on the children of single parents who aren't available to provide as much supervision or convince parents that they are nice enough people to supervise without them.
  • A child molester will often use a range of games, tricks, activities and language to gain trust and/or deceive a child. These include: keeping of secrets (secrets are valuable to most kids, being seen as something "adult" and a source of power), sexually explicit games, fondling, kissing, touching, sexually suggestive behaviour, exposing a child to pornographic material, coercion, bribery, flattery, and—worst of all—affection and love. Be aware that these tactics are ultimately used to isolate and confuse your child.

5...Teach your child about staying safe online. Make sure your child knows that predators often pose as children or teenagers in order to lure children in online. Monitor your child's use of the internet, keeping rules in place to limit his or her "chat" time. Have regular discussions with your child about whom he or she is communicating with online.
  • Be sure your child knows never to send pictures to a person he or she met online, or meet someone he or she is communicating with online.
  • Know that children are often secretive about online behavior, especially when encouraged by others to keep secrets, so you'll need to be vigilant about staying involved in your child's online activity.
6...Make sure your child is feeling emotionally supported. 

  • Child molesters will ask the children to keep it secret from their parents.
  • Ensure your children understands that if someone has asked them to keep a secret from you that it isn't because the child will get into trouble but the person who has asked them to keep the secret knows what they are doing to them is wrong.
  • Since children who don't get a lot of attention are especially vulnerable to predators, make sure you are spending a lot of time with your child and that he or she feels supported. Take the time to talk to your child every day and work toward building an open, trusting relationship.
  • Express interest in all of your child's activities, including schoolwork, extracurricular, hobbies, and other interests.
  • Let your child know that he or she can tell you anything, and that you're always willing to talk.

7....Teach your child to recognize inappropriate touching. Many parents use the "good touch, bad touch, secret touch" method. It involves teaching your child that there are some appropriate touches, like pats on the back or high fives; there are some unwelcome or "bad' touches, like hits or kicks; and there are also secret touches, which are touches that the child is told to keep a secret. Use this method or another one to teach your child that some touches aren't good, and when these happen, he or she should tell you immediately.
  • Teach your child that no one is allowed to touch him or her in private areas. Many parents define private areas as those that would be covered by a bathing suit. Children also need to know an adult should not ask a child to touch anyone else's private areas or their own.
  • Tell your child to say "no" and walk away if someone tries to touch him or her in a private area.
  • Tell your child to come to you immediately if someone touches him or her the wrong way.

8....Recognize when something is out of sync with your child. If you notice your child is acting differently, pursue the issue to find out what is wrong. Regularly asking your child questions about his or her day, including asking whether any "good," "bad," or "secret" touches happened that day, will help open the lines of communication. Never dismiss it if your child tells you he or she was touched inappropriately or doesn't trust an adult. Trust your child first.
  • Never dismiss a child's claims because the adult in question is a valued member of society or appears incapable of such things. That's exactly what a child molester wants.
  • Remember that the most important thing you can do to protect your child is to pay attention to them. Assess their needs and desires, talk to them, and in essence, just be the best parent you possibly can. Bottom line to remember: If you don't pay attention to your child, someone else will.
  • Remember that kids around 12, should already have gotten sex education, by their parents and told what everything means/is called. This will prevent a teacher/friend who is a pedophile, taking the lead and teaching whole other aspects. Make sure your child already knows everything it needs to know, before it gets taught very different meanings of words or gets told that kissing/licking the teachers cheek is totally fine.
  • If the child is very young or younger than 14, it might not recognize that there's a difference between a grumpy teacher giving extra homework, or a strange acting teacher that wants them to kiss the cheek before leaving the room. Both are to them 'annoying.' So make sure whenever your child tells you vague stories about the teacher making sex-jokes or touching them, or being 'annoying' and asking all kinds of 'private stuff' that there might be something going on.
  • As soon as the child mentions the teacher is acting strange or is asking private info/pictures/things about siblings, you have to tell your child how to react to this. Be realistic in the approach! Telling your kids to scream loudly when the teacher touches their shoulder, or hit his hand and yell whenever he'd touch their back, won't help. They won't hit a teacher, especially not when they're being groomed and told he's only trying to help. Make sure they will tell him clearly that it has told it's parents about what happened and they weren't happy with it. Or give the child an envelop, containing a letter that says; 'Stop touching my daughter/son' and your autograph. Make sure they give it to him when he is touching a bad part of their body and didn't stop when they said stop. (Make sure you think about this, it'll only have a positive effect if you're absolutely sure he'll be ignoring the boundaries and is actually going too far. One impulsive hand on the shoulder isn't.


  • Clarification of terms: A pedophile is one who is primarily attracted to prepubescent children (a common mistake in the media is to define a pedophile as anyone attracted to someone below the age of majority, extending the definition to those attracted to teens, which is incorrect). A hebephile is one who is primarily attracted to young to mid-teens, and a pedophile is someone attracted to mid-to-late adolescents. A child molester is of course anyone who molests a child, regardless of their sexual attractions or preferences.
  • Remember, if a child looks isolated or upset, it will make them a very easy target for a predator. Ask about your child's school life, find out who their friends are. If they don't have any, work to change it. Strength in numbers is extremely important and in many cases can save their lives if you happen to not be present.
  • Empathy should never be given to child molesters, only to the people affected by them.
  • CSA(Child Sex Abuse) affects children's mental health well into adulthood with disorders such as but not limited to, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Things You Need to Know About Child Molesters
An average child molester will offend 200–400 times before being caught, if ever. The vast majority of offenders do not get caught, and they have no criminal records. According to the FBI, only one out of ten cases of child sexual abuse is reported to law enforcement. Read More Here
 If you think you or your children are being stalked online please contact the Federal Authorities in your country. Every country has a cyber division for this very thing. We have the contact details on our website in the right side bar.
We really hope you read all the article links, watch this video and all the videos in the article links we have. As a society we have to start becoming educated about the dangers now facing our children, us as a society. 

How long are our Governments through out the world and Australia going to keep protecting child  sexual abusers. How long is this Government going to keep ignoring child abuse, child sexual abuse, an epidemic in Australia and around the world.

Ireland introduced a new child protection Bill 2015: The Bill was introduced in 2014 and passed in 2015. That introduces sentences of up to 14 years for people who groom children for sexual purposes. This is just sections of the new Bill.

Full Bill Here from the Irish Justice Department

Sexual offences Bill tough on child exploitation – Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald.
Minister says legislation will protect children online with crimes carrying prison sentences Wed, Sep 23, 2015. Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has said new legislation lays down tough sentences for those who use the internet and social media to prey on children. 

The legislation contains new criminal offences to protect children against grooming and fresh measures to protect children from online predators.
“Many Irish children have instantaneous and often unsupervised access to the internet and social media via smartphones and other networked devices. This Bill aims to better protect those children,” Ms Fitzgerald said.
“These proposed new laws will protect children while online and lays down tough sentences for those who seek to prey on innocent children via the internet and social media.”
Ms Fitzgerald said the Bill responded to new and emerging threats such as predatory activity which target children via the internet and social media.
“This important new Bill provides for wide ranging reform of our laws, including stronger sanctions, aimed at protecting children from sexual exploitation; child abuse material and online grooming,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

New offences

She said heavy penalties would be introduced for new offences relating to the sexual exploitation of children with potential prison sentences ranging from 10-14 years.
The new offences include paying for purpose of sexually exploiting a child; invitation to sexual touching and sexual activity in the presence of a child.
“These offences are a significant step in combating risks posed to children. Sexual grooming of children can include familiarising children with sexually explicit material, with a view to developing an, ultimately exploitative, relationship with that child,” Ms Fitzgerald said.
“These new offences and heavy sanctions reflect the seriousness of these crimes and reaffirm our societal determination to punish those who exploit innocent children.”
Ms Fitzgerald said two new offences targeting online sexual predators were aimed at protecting children from exploitation involving new technologies, including social media. 

Child Grooming Bill. We need to have this same bill right here in Australia and everywhere around the world...this has to be done. Child abuse, sexual abuse has been covered up far too long.
  A person who uses any means to communication to entice a child to act in a way that “would constitute sexual exploitation of the child” could face up to 14 years in jail.

 "Depraving a child"
 “It will also be a separate offence to send a child sexually explicit material by means of information and communications technology. Familiarising a child with such material is a classic grooming technique which seeks to desensitise a child to sexual activity.”
Speaking about the Sexual Offences Bill, which will cover other aspects of sexual grooming, he said:
A person who, for the purpose of corrupting or depraving a child, causes that child to witness or watch sexual activity or view sexually-explicit material will commit an offence. It will also be an offence for a person, for their own sexual gratification, to cause a child to witness or watch sexual activity.

This Bill sends a very strong message to Child sexual abusers.
This is the Bill we presented to George Brandis and Malcolm Turnbull and to Tony Abbott, they all rejected the bill, to implement this same bill in Australia to protect children. 
To address child grooming, child sexual abuse crimes, on line crimes to children.
We are still asking WHY. It makes zero sense to reject this bill, other than the fact that people in Australia may not know. The Australian Government make millions of dollars a year of the crimes committed against children. 

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