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Kim Kardashian and why she is dangerous to our society


Piers Morgan slamming Kim Kardashian. Good on you Piers we agree with you. And thanks for reading our article we sent you on Kim last week. This has absolutely nothing to with Feminism, and everything to be an exhibitionists only. 
Kim is using Feminism as an excuse. This other bloody woman, who ever she is, who is the Feminist supporting her. Grow the fu#k up. You are just trying to get your 2 minutes of fame and you have no idea what you are talking about.

Kim spell the words : Sexual Exploitation and Feminism and tell us the meaning of them. You really don't have a bloody clue do you Kim.

Feminism — what it means — how it is misused Article Here

Kim Kardashain has this article and the one we did last week, we sent them to her.

Might want to read this article we wrote just a few days ago; Degradation of Women and the Diffusion of responsibility by the media Read Article Here
Kim you degrade woman world wide. You are only fooling and kidding yourself if you think you don't.

Diffusion of responsibility by our media. 
Their responsibility left the building a long time ago, along with all the money the Kardashian family throws at them to either hide the truth, not ask the questions, and especially to keep them in the media helping to destroy our nations children and youth and all of society. 
Their actions have huge consequence to our nation. 
Money and fame far more important to The Kardashian's and the media. 

We even have this family making up and buying their own awards to give to each other for this appalling behavior.  

The pictures in our posters they were the mild pornographic pictures of Kim Kardashian's; also censored. 

There were those far worse, the uncensored where she is showing her hello kitty, tits and ass to the entire world and all of social media for children to see.
Just google Kim Kardashian Naked, porn; and you can see her in all her glory, and her porn tape.  

Thousands of women all over the world are writing in comments. "I tell my daughter's this is what you do not want to be like; Kim Kardashian. The worst role model for any child, teen, young or older women to emulate". They were the mild words use. There were far worse. "Trash, slut, whore, Grubby Trollop" were just a few. 

Money can buy many things Kim, but it can not buy you, respect or class.

As psychologists and medical people we know how dangerous Kim Kardashian's actions and words our to our children to society, hell we write articles we see the victims of sexual assaults, abuse, rape, stalking by sexual predators on the internet.
We are the ones picking up the pieces of the victims not you Kim.

We wrote an article last week on Kim Kardashian and shared it with the media. Then yesterday Pier Morgan comes out slamming Kim Kardashian on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning, saying the "35-year-old has a responsibility as a role model, to behave in a certain way". 
She defended her right to post naked selfies while on the red carpet at the Vogue 100 gala dinner in London on Monday night.

Kim You are breaking child media protection laws, since your pictures are shared by you on social media, where there are children. What you are doing is classed as Pornography.
And yes we have the entire section on pornography its definitions and the media protection laws on our website in articles. 

Yesterday we wrote this article not dis-similar to the article we wrote last week. We shared this article with Piers Morgan and the Daily Mail and other media outlets. The article was featured on Facebook and the link to this article was posted on the Daily Mail. 
And boy did people come out supporting our words. 

It is Psychological Warfare on our children and society.

 Click on the posters for larger view

External links are highlighted.

Kim is making millions of sexual-exploitation of course she is going to say its good for you. She also has to pay millions of dollars to media outlets to keep her in the media. 
And by a lot of the articles, she writes her own Head lines and articles. 
We were told by people in the fashion industry she pays for own covers.
We saw a cover for Vogue the other day, photo-shopped to the hilt, Kim was 2 sizes smaller in the cover shoot than what she really is. This its self is sending a very negative image to young girls and women.

Even when you see her in media shots, and yes like the ones in the Green lace dress in France at the Vogue 100 event. You could tell the photo-shopped pictures from the not, they were so visible. 
Kim had herself photo-shopped to look 2 sizes smaller again. 
She is plastic from head to toe, Botox, boob jobs, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, butt implants, liposuction, fillers, nose jobs, and we are sure we missed a few there. (why would you though, because her butt looks ridiculous.) Again promoting a very negative image to young girls and society.

Click on the poster for full view
 You only have to read the comments online, the world is sick to death of this woman, and her entire family, she would have to be one of the most despised women on the Globe right now.

And yes Kim Kardashian is the worst role model in the world for girls, young women, all women. 

And Kim Kardashian is encouraging these predators. 
Its OK for her she is flanked by minders 24/7.  Kim, children do not have this nor do young adults. 
Why do you have minders Kim??? You think its fine for you to have them, but not for the millions of children's lives you put in danger everywhere around the world.

We work with Federal authorities with child pornography. These children Kim that want to emulate you end up targets for child sexual predators. Their pictures they share on line because of you, end up on child porn sites. 

In just 8 tweets a sexual predator can track a victims phone, pictures right down to the house they live in. Here is the article 
where this information is for all readers. READ HERE

Kim; because you simply don't give a shit about the issue of sexual exploitation, you have no clue to the dangers in our society. 
Ask the Federal Authorities, Home Land Security who work on child sex cases, they know the dangers, just like all the medical people, all the advocate organizations; especially organizations like ARK of Hope for abuse kids; we are proud to be associated with their organization, they recommend us as one of their top people to follow.   
We see the victims of child sexual abuse and sex-trafficking. Our website is full of articles on this and data from Federal Authorities. We rescue children from sex-trafficking.
You Kim are poisoning our youths minds with your garbage. 
Might want to read this and be educated since your IQ is well under 10. 
Article Social Media and sexual predators coming after our children.

And this article as well. Sexual exploitation 

What Kim Kardashian does is classed as pornography, sexual exploitation; and young girls think they have to emulate this to get noticed.
It is putting millions of girls lives in danger because of her actions and words.

Kim Kardashian is dangerous to our society.
But its not just the selfies. It what This internet Ho Kim Kardashian also says.
Go and loose your virginity at 14 there is nothing wrong with it. 
Go and make porn, take your clothes off, take nude selfies in the mirror and share them with the world. 
Its expressing your sexuality. No if fucking isn't.
Has nothing to do with expressing your sexuality.
If it was about expressing sexuality then she would be sharing nude selfies of her bloody daughter. 
It is about this woman having a mental disorder, attention seeking, money and fame hungry.

Kim Kardashian also was paid and promoted an unsafe morning sickness tablet in 2015 for pregnant women. The FDA removed her advertising, raided her home.

She also promoted on her social media that sexual violence, abuse, rape, domestic violence, stalking, was romantic, and sexy. Yes she did this.
There is a list of things Kim Kardashian did in the poster  click on it for full view. 
Many people have called Kim Kardashian out on her porn, putting young girls lives in danger.

We have videos from International award winning film makers doing this very thing as well in documentaries. We have the documentaries on our website. Here is the link . Have to also add in that link is a medical symposium that took place in Capital Hill Washington in 2015 about the dangers of sexual exploitation to our children, and Kim Kardashian got mentioned as one of those dangers. The video is also in that link to the symposium. Staff representing the President of the USA were also at the symposium.
And this article as well. Sexual exploitation 

We actually sent Kim and Chloe a tweet this year and asked them to support our non profit book that is coming out. Its about Abuse, sexual abuse. 
All the profits are going to charity. This was also explained to both of them. They blocked us. That is how much they think about helping victims of abuse and charity. 
The book is called Shades of Grey by Edward Grey. We have had huge support for the book.
To read pages from the book, and to support charities world wide where the profits will go Read Here
The book has its own website with cover arts. There is even been interest in a movie for the book.

It was found through an audit app that Kim Kardashian pays for her followers 65% of her followers are paid for. 
She pays a company to buy her followers. This is how much she demands attention. Her constant need for it. 
She suffers from a server personality disorder.

This woman made a porn tape to get noticed. A new book revealed Kim and her mother secretly orchestrated this, then released it so Kim would get noticed because taking bikini shots before that wasn't cutting it. Now she constantly takes her clothes off for the camera for the world.

Here is the link to last weeks Article on Kim Kardashian Sexual Exploitation

We have over 16 million readers with our websites and social media accounts. And guess what Kim we don't pay for our readers. 
And we don't have to take our clothes of to get subscribers and readers. They do it because we have some intelligent to say. 

Advocates, Activists to end abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, child pornography and human-trafficking. And we are professionals. We do not get paid to do our advocacy work, we are non profit. We do this because we care, we are Humanitarians. 

She defended her right to post naked selfies while on the red carpet at the Vogue 100 gala dinner in London on Monday night.
But Piers Morgan, 51, slammed her words on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning, saying the 35-year-old has a responsibility as a role model, to behave in a certain way.
During a segment with Richard Arnold, viewers were played a clip of her as she waltzed into the venue wearing a khaki green lace dress.

Read more: The Daily Mail's full article Here 

Our Professionals are international speakers and we belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence. All of our articles are complied by a team of people, we have professionals and advocates from all over Australia and the world; men and women, and we also belong to world wide organizations, and work with Federal Authorities world wide, exposing crimes of abuse, violence and corruption.
We have a very generous graphics design team who donate their time and services for free for all of our beautiful posters. Our team of people do not get paid; we are non profit. We use our own money and time as advocates and activists.We have over 16 million readers world wide. 
Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award.
This year one of our own Alexandria has been nominated for an Australian of the year award 2017.

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  1. The biggest problem is that Kim Kardashian has the most plastic surgery clearly seen in the media and news outlets refuse to question her about it.

    1. Thank you for your comment, we really appreciate your words. Absolutely. This is called a diffusion of responsibility by the media.
      Their responsibility left the building a long time ago, along with all the money the Kardashian family throws at them to either hide the truth, not ask the questions, and especially to keep them in the media helping to destroy our nations children, youth and all of society.

      Read this article Degradation of women

      Our website has the articles on the degradation and sexual exploitation of women and what is is doing to them, our children. We have the published medical studies. The article links can be found in in the article about Kim Kardashian and Degradation of Women and more in the post links on our website.

      Kim Kardashian has this article we sent it to her and the one from last week.
      Kim Kardashian and her family are also responsible for the degradation of women, as are the media. Money and fame more important.

  2. I agree with every word. Could add a few but them you would have to sensor it.
    I have two masters degrees, i also teach women studies at a USA University, i have a brain and i am not a Feminist. I am a woman, a mother and wife also, and advocate and Humanitarian, i do not want to be associated with the word feminism or feminist.
    The word feminism and feminist has been destroyed by the very women and men who miss use the words. That's why i don't want to be associated wit the words neither do my students.
    We have this discussion, they are painted as young women who hate men, if they use the words. Myself and my students agree with you words, we use the words "women" "humanitarian" "advocate"

    I commented on your article Feminism — what does it mean — how it is misused
    Brilliant article, spot on. I teach this to my students and will use many of your article for points of reference.
    You use the words "Diffusion of Responsibility" and you are absolutely correct. This is a message i strongly convey to my students.

    Yes what she does is sexual exploitation, pornography and sending the complete wrong message to society and to all of our children.
    And whats worse is the media supports this behavior, so do these radical extremists stupid women who use the word "FEMINIST" . They are just as bad, complete hypercrists.
    And yes they need to wake the FUCK UP; so do these extremists women who throw the word Feminist around.

    Fantastic article and words, your site is amazing, love the articles the posters. The work you do is inspiring. Really important.
    You can always learn something new, i have come away with many new thoughts, and more insight because of your words and articles.

    The world has a massive problem, has had for many years "SEXUAL EXPLOITATION" "PORNOGRAPHY" and these radical extremists of women throwing the word Feminism, Feminists around support this. They support abuse, sexual violence,rape, degradation of children, all human beings in our society as a whole. They have their heads that far up their asses they can't even see the dangers, what is being done to our society, to our children. Those women are the radical extremists dangerous to our society.

    And yes women do commit abuse, rape and sexual violence; these women who say they don't are the dangers to our children and our society. Their thinking, their words are just words of stupidity.

    Sending out good vibes and respect; Kelly


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