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 Feminism‬ is a widely miss-used word. How many of you know the meaning? It means advocate‬. But it is used by women who hate men, it is used by women who hate other women, or want to just control other women. And it is also used by women who are radical extremist, who are dangerous to all of society by their words and actions.
It is also used to just miss-behave as a women and use feminism as an excuse.

Taking your clothes off and showing your tits, hello kitty and ass to the world constantly in the media, is not Feminism or expressing your sexuality, it is called being an exhibitionist, and pornography.

I am proud just to be a women, and i don't need some person telling me just because i am a women i have to be a feminist.
When i ask them what does the word actually means, they cant tell me.

I do not have to be — OR want to be — label and branded — just to be a women. When i was born it said female. It didn't say feminist. You can also read this article HERE about Feminism

The words Humanitarian and advocate, activists existed on this earth way before this word feminism appeared. 
Now the word feminist or feminism is just misused. No more so than with this person in this article. Here is another classic misuse of the words Feminism READ HERE

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The tweet in the poster from Rosie Batty's crew because we would not hate men, and agree with their dangerous words. "Men are the only ones who commit abuse and domestic violence" (The words Rosie Batty lives by, preaches) We have other tweets from the same person and others from Rosie Batty's people, also abusive.

If you can see the words in that twitter message in the poster, (just click on the poster to blow it up to full size) they were sent to our website twitter account from one of those Feminist men hating extremists. 
Quite obvious she has lost the plot, and also does not have a clue what the word means, we see this every day. 
We have more than one tweet to follow that one from the same person and others just like her, all from Miss Rosie Batty's camp. The women who shouts this on her soap box and gets paid to do so. "Men are the only ones who commit abuse and domestic violence." "Men using drugs and alcohol are the only ones who commit abuse and domestic violence" these are words these dangerous women preach, shout  and scream, and want taught to the world, to your daughter, to your sons, to our children. HELL NO, with a double NO NO. 
Because those words they preach are not only wrong, garbage, degrading to all men and boys world wide, they are extremely dangerous words to shout to the world.

Women abusing another women because we will not conform to their man hating ways.
These are the woman who have miss used this entire word feminism, which now days has very little meaning, i really don't think it did.

Then we have heard men say; direct quote here, they are feminist... yet they say.
"A women should not earn more, and be more successful than men". WOW really? Yes really. And that quote is from an well known Irish actor who is married with two children who says he is a Feminist. 

Just to clarify here, that is not called being a Feminist, that is called being sexist, and a jerk. Feminist means advocate. Another case where a person has no real clue to the meaning of the word, a made up word of Feminist. 
Since people on the average do not know what the word really means, and certainly don't represent the meaning, they should just stop using it. 
They make themselves look like complete hypercrits. 

I am a woman and i am an advocate and i am also a Humanitarian. Isn't that enough labels to show i care. I think our words in the poster pretty well say it all. How about you?

These are all articles you need to read
Degradation of women Article 
Sexual Exploitation Article  
Abuse Leaves Invisible Scars Article 

Please read the comments at the end of this article,
including from a Professor at a US University, who teaches women's studies who supports our words.
Kim Asher does not know the meaning of the word Feminism,
her words show this. Her words show how she likes abuising women
who will not agree with her man hating ways.

click on any of our posters for larger full resolution view. Our posers and words are used around the world

Our Professionals are international speakers and we belong to world wide organizations to address abuse and violence.

All of our articles are complied by a team of people, we have professionals and advocates from all over Australia and the world; men and women, and we also belong to world wide organizations, and work with Federal Authorities world wide, exposing crimes of abuse, violence and corruption. 
We have over 16 million readers who read our articles through our website and social media. We are always receiving wonderful feedback. Even saving lives.
We have a very generous graphics design team who donate their time and services for free for all of our beautiful posters. 
Our team of people do not get paid; we are non profit. We do not make money of abuse, that is simply wrong.
We use our own money and time as advocates and activists.  You do not profit from these crimes, that is simply wrong and unacceptable. 

Last year we were nominated for a Humanitarian Award.
This year one of our own Alexandria has been nominated for an Australian of the year award 2017.


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  1. I have had my fair share of abuse from women who are man hating feminist. They say because i am a women i should support them. I say i am married we have a child, I don't support your words.
    You are everything that is wrong with the word Feminism.
    I am a #humanitarian and #advocate that is all that you need to be to care. Not this added word Feminism.

    Don't ever say i have to be a feminist because i am a women.
    The word feminists was created by a bunch of very angry women who hated men, then they got all these other nut jobs on their ban wagon.

    Rosie Batty's crew called me a "Misogynist and everything that is wrong with society", because i would not hate men, i would not agree with these words of Rosie Batty, and because i said i was not a man hating feminist. I am an Advocate and Humanitarian.
    I was not allowed to be either of those things according to her crew. I had to be a feminist and hate men because i was a women.
    Rosie Batty's words she stands by and dribbles, hundreds and hundreds of times, and these words are completely wrong, misleading and utter garbage.
    "Men are the only ones who commit abuse"
    "Men using drugs and alcohol"
    Yes that was Rosie Batty's people the tweets are in that link below.
    That is how dangerous she and her crew are to Australia and the world. Yes Rosie Batty is the complete nut job.

    We screen shot some of the garbage these man hating feminist say to us here is the link with their tweets and words. Directed at me.
    Show less

    The stop talking Rosie Batty article is in this link here, she has this article. She stalks our pages enough https://www.facebook.com/50ShadesofAbuseNOMORE/posts/1701688810086344:0

    The article is on our website Facebook page, we haven't put it on our website yet but we will be.
    And thousand agree with these words.

    1. Thank you. The best explanation yet with the poster, the article and the comment.
      I see this hypocrisy all the time with these women who use the words "Feminism Feminist" they are far from advocates of decency.

      I have been abused by these men hating "extremists" many times. They are actually inciting abuse and violence. I use the word extremists because that is exactly what they are. They are not advocates.

      I agree the word feminists, feminism was just a made up word for these bunch of angry men hating "Extremists" who have become a nuisance to our society to act offensively towards any individual men or women who wont join their band of stupidity.

      I see the ones who are Journalists; women. They say they are feminists, then their entire article is complete hypocrisy.

      Those women try to force their ridiculous believes onto you, just because you are a woman. I have a brain and i will make up my own mind.

      I am not a Feminist either i am a woman with my own brain, and i don't need these man hating hypercrists to tell me what to think and say.

      Like your words say the foundation and words of a Humanitarian and Advocate were around well before the word Feminism or feminists were.
      Id anything the words Feminism and Feminists just degrades women even more because of those who have no real idea what the words mean and represent, those men hating women who abuse, well just about every thing for their own cause, then there are those women like Kim Kardashian who use any word to act like a bloody whore, exploiting the word so she can act badly.I read the article, i doubt weather she can spell the words either or know their meaning.

      Yes what she does is sexual exploitation, pornography and sending the complete wrong message to society and to all of our children.
      And whats worse is the media supports this behavior, so do these radical extremists stupid women. They are just as bad, complete hypercrists.

      Fantastic article and words, your site is amazing, love the articles the posters. The work you do is inspiring. Really important.

      I have two masters degrees, i also teach women studies at a USA University, i have a brain and i am not a Feminist. I am a woman,a mother and wife also, and advocate and Humanitarian, i do not want to be associated with the word feminism or feminist.

      Sending out good vibes and respect; Kelly

  2. I commented on the Article Kim Kardashian who she is dangerous to our society; which she is. I have copy and pasted my comment to this article because its relevant to the misuse of the words Feminism and Feminists

    I agree with every word. Could add a few but them you would have to sensor it.
    I have two masters degrees, i also teach women studies at a USA University, i have a brain and i am not a Feminist. I am a woman, a mother and wife also, and advocate and Humanitarian, i do not want to be associated with the word feminism or feminist.

    The word feminism and feminist has been destroyed by the very women and men who miss use the words. That's why i don't want to be associated wit the words neither do my students.
    We have this discussion, they are painted as young women who hate men, if they use the words. Myself and my students agree with you words, we use the words "women" "humanitarian" "advocate"

    I commented on your article Feminism — what does it mean — how it is misused
    Brilliant article, spot on. I teach this to my students and will use many of your article for points of reference.
    You use the words "Diffusion of Responsibility" and you are absolutely correct. This is a message i strongly convey to my students.

    Yes what she does is sexual exploitation, pornography and sending the complete wrong message to society and to all of our children.
    And whats worse is the media supports this behavior, so do these radical extremists stupid women who use the word "FEMINIST" . They are just as bad, complete hypercrists.
    And yes they need to wake the FUCK UP; so do these extremists women who throw the word Feminist around.

    Fantastic article and words, your site is amazing, love the articles the posters. The work you do is inspiring. Really important.
    You can always learn something new, i have come away with many new thoughts, and more insight because of your words and articles.

    The world has a massive problem, has had for many years "SEXUAL EXPLOITATION" "PORNOGRAPHY" and these radical extremists of women throwing the word Feminism, Feminists around support this. They support abuse, sexual violence,rape, degradation of children, all human beings in our society as a whole. They have their heads that far up their asses they can't even see the dangers, what is being done to our society, to our children. Those women are the radical extremists dangerous to our society.

    And yes women do commit abuse, rape and sexual violence; these women who say they don't are the dangers to our children and our society. Their thinking, their words are just words of stupidity and very uneducated in their thinking.Those are the very women who degrade other women, even degrade our children and men. And you are right they will never ever see the overall picture because they don't want to. They are that set in their ways of thinking, it is the rest of society who has the problem not them.

    Sending out good vibes and respect; Kelly

  3. The Daily Mail started following our websites and social media pages.

    Here is the kicker. We did our article on Feminism Tuesday, and today 20 minutes ago Thursday late afternoon actually, they uploaded their own story on Feminism which totally missed the mark.

    They have children still writing their articles, and their one on Feminism looks like it was thrown together by a bunch of them, who quickly jumped on the internet and pinched some baking articles, and there is there story on Feminism.

    For you teenage writers at the Daily Mail the Word Feminism means advocate.
    You really might want to read our article written by people 40 plus years of age with multiple degrees who lived through the years of the 70"80's of the man hating women who called themselves feminists, ( a name they gave to themselves because being called a women obviously wasn't good enough). And this was their way of getting attention and they expected every other women to fall in line. (No thanks)

    And those man hating women who call them selves feminist, they brain-wahsed a few more thousand each generation until the word Feminism is now a dirty word.

    Yes you also go to my own website http://diariesofawomen.blogspot.com and steal my articles i write on there as well. All on women's issues.

    Some credit might be nice when you copy our articles and steel from them.

  4. Great Article, I did not know what Feminism actually meant. My 15 year old daughter came home from school a few months ago and asked me the same thing. I actually couldn't answer her, not properly.
    My interpretation because this is what i grew up with from the media, and those Women hating men. And as you have said radical extremist women who hate men.
    I never grew up hating men, i am married.
    But that is the way society, the media and these women who are the men haters have pushed their opinions, craziness onto everyone else.
    You either followed their crazy or you had a mind of your own and rejected it.

    I showed my daughter this article coming across your banner and article link on Twitter.
    It made sense to me and to my daughter.
    My daughter said to me, why do women have to have this label mum.
    I said you don't.
    And you have explained this perfectly.

    We were reading your article on Kim Kardashian, my 15 year old daughter agreed with every word in that article. She said there are many girls at her school thinking they have to imitate her, take topless selfies and nude selfies and upload them to their social media accounts to get notices because this silly women does it.
    There are lot of girls putting themselves in danger and boys are taking advantage of them because of it.
    Kim Kardashian and even her younger half-sister have a lot to answer to. The media should not be encouraging this, and they should not be pushing this family onto our children.

    I am thankful that i have a daughter with sense. She doesn't buy into all of the Kardashian thing. But plenty of her friends do. And the 15 year old boys well they google nude pictures of her, and i have seen how bad some of them are, i looked them up after my daughter told me what boys are doing. The boys call her a milf slut.
    Kim Kardashian only has herself to blame for this labeling, self-inflicted by her own actions and behavior.
    And for those women who abuse other women because they don't want to be associated with the word feminism and don't hate men and will not be told what to do by these radical women, i say. Grow the F**K up also.

    Keep up the great work and fight. Enjoying your site, the article and love the posters.
    I am learning many new things as is my daughter.

    We have been over to the other website http://diariesofawomen.blogspot.com we both love it. My daughter is at that age where she is learning about sex, her own body and these articles will be invaluable to her. Thank you Alexandria.
    We are going to leave a comment over there as well.
    Very inspiring lady, as others have already written, well deserved words.

    Thank you Annette

  5. Forgot to mention, checked out the book Shades of Grey with my daughter. Well now your book not only has my daughter's stamp of approval, and hooked, but me as well.
    More please. And yes we both want the movie as well.
    My daughter told me off when i said how yummy Edward sounded. She said MUM.
    He is the type of young man who you would hope for, want in your daughters life. He doesn't have to be rich, just have the same moral principles and respect for women.
    Can not wait for the book.
    Thank you once more Annette

  6. I hate detest that word "Feminist Feminism" standing up against right and wrong has nothing to do with the made up ridiculous word Feminism . It is called by a human rights activist, advocate, always has. I am a human rights activist and advocate. I am not a bloody Feminist and i never ever want to be associated with that word or the word Feminism.
    I am married, we have a child, i am married to a man. So why the fuck would i hate men and want to agree with nut job men hating extremist who talk out of their asses.

    The words Feminism and Feminists, is widely, and we do widely, used, by women who hate men, they hate every thing about men, they also hate other women who like men, who are married to men.
    It is used by those men hating nut jobs who hate other women, who wont agree with their bloody stupidity.

    It is also used by women, who want to take their clothes off and be sexual exhibitionists.

    The amount of bloody nut job Feminist men hating women i get on my social media pages is incredible. I don't seek them out, they come to my page and abuse me. Yet i have never conversed with them in my life.

    They can not even tell me what the words mean when i ask them. And i do ask them.

    That twitter message in that banner was sent to our twitter account by a nut job man hating extremist calling me and us, as bad as the NRA which to her = Misogynist extremists. FFS. Yes that is the mentality we have to deal with. Nut Jobs.

  7. Angela Smart Google plus 10:04 AM

    I cannot agree more. The movement at its inception was about gaining equality, but now it seems to be hijacked by female supremacists.

    I cringe when I read nonsense written by these women:- eg. A prominent journalist said, who puts a "feminist" bent on every crazy new psycho rapist incident as soon as it surfaces when most seem to be severe mental health issues.

    Rape is not a crime that only victimizes women. Its victims are universal - all genders and age groups.

    Many of these women (feminists) have a score to settle with the world. Some are lesbian, but in saying that I don't believe all that these people truly represent the beliefs of many lesbians.

    They have stolen prominence and allow us to think that the speak for all women when they do no even express the true feelings of most other lesbians. I often hear these women dismiss heterosexual people as "breeders" as though it is a crime.

    Equal opportunists have always tended to be levelheaded and caring of all people in our diverse community. This is another term for human rights activists.

    I use both of these terms because feminism is an unjust term and has become repugnant to many because of the way the movement has been mislead.

    I am a baby boomer. I lived through a time of unparalleled optimism, when the civil rights movement was a massive impassioned freethinking group of beautiful people who inspired the imagination of us all and most of us were all acolytes to its call in many respects.

    Many were discouraged by the people we have described here today, and repudiate the movement now.

    This is the danger of fanaticism, which is the scurge of every social religious and political movement. 

    Angela Smart


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