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Cosmopolitan-promoting sexual violence, Irresponsible journalism


One the 22 July 2015 Cosmopolitan Magazine wrote this article, through a very irresponsible Journalist, promoting porn, sexual violence since porn has found to be through a lengthy study to be 90% violence.
Porn is also domestic violence, human-sex-trafficking....prostitution with a camera. Young 13 year old girls are being sexually exploited, lured by pimps, or kidnapped to be used and abused in the porn industry.

Cosmopolitan won't do an article on the medical facts, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) hosted an influential symposium right in the U.S. Capitol building July 14, 2015, and how dangerous porn is to society to our children, to every person on our planet.
We have medical doctors who are also men, coming out and saying also from their own extensive medical studies how dangerous porn is to our society to our children. 
Dr Gail Dines the leading antipornography campagner PhD in the world. 
Capital Hill are listening, Congress is listening, responsible journalist are listening...but not the ones at Cosmopolitan because they just want to sell stories at what ever cost, even if it is endangering millions of lives especially those of children. Bloody shameful.

They wont do a story on the dangers of sex-human trafficking or sexual abuse, how 13 year old girls are being pimped out to the porn industry, used and abused, sexually abused. 
How children as young as one year old are being used in porn....how girls are being raped in porn, being sexually violated, made to have sex with men three-four times their age.
Dirty old men getting their arousal and orgasm from watching little girls. You only had to go the story they did to see the dirty old men leaving comments on this story.

Just today checking our Facebook page after commenting on the article cosmo did on their site, we had one of those scumbags who gets off on sexual violence attack us on our account. He was told to "Fuck off" Cosmopolitan has really lowered there standards when they put lives in danger writing that article. Must have been a slow ratings month needed something to boost their online views.
There are always going to be in the world those attracted to sexual violence, porn who cant get an erection, orgasm unless they are watching or reading it. Those type of persons, get off on watching children being sexually abused, dangerous to our society.

UnChained Project wants to mobilize advocates willing to provide awareness and support for survivors of child trafficking living in silence in your community. Here's why;

  • Over 100,000 underage girls and boys are trafficked into slavery
  • Odds of being rescued; 1 in 100 
  • Of every three child victims, two are girls and one is a boy
  • AVERAGE age a child is first exploited by prostitution is 12-14 years old
  • Infants are often identified in child pornography
  • They may be forced into sex 20 to 48 times a day
  • Life span of a victim can be as little as 2 to 4 years, having succumbed to attack, abuse, HIV and other STD's, overdose or suicide
  • Sex trade industry is the second largest global industry raising $32 billion a year, equal to $87 million a day!
  • Sale of child porn in the U.S. alone raises more than a $3 billion annually!

  Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of famed newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, whose Hearst Corp. publishes the magazine, says Cosmopolitan went from what the magazine advertised its self as being "Family, women, positive" to now a sex rag.

Cosmo Harms Minors Campaign Launch Press Conference video, speakers leading medical professionals and Victoria Hearst.

 Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of famed newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, whose Hearst Corp. publishes the magazine, Newsmax reported. Hearst and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation — formerly known as Morality in Media — teamed up earlier this year to launch “Cosmo Harms Minors,” an effort to urge retailers to cover up the edgy magazine, while advocating measures to ensure that young people under the age of 18 can’t purchase it.

Two chains of supermarkets and drug stores have both announced that they’ll be covering up copies of Cosmopolitan magazine with blinders — a move that comes after a campaign was launched earlier this year to protect minors from the magazine’s sexual content.
But the biggest surprise in the controversy over Cosmopolitan is that one of the key voices railing against the magazine is Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of famed newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst.

    Pornography definition Webster Dictionary as well as state laws obscenity or harmful to minor laws
     *Pornography is written, printed or video material that contains sexually explicit images or content that some people find to be arousing. 
    *An example of pornography is a movie depicting men and women having sex that is intended to get you sexually excited.
    *Writings, pictures, etc. intended primarily to arouse sexual desire.
    *The production of such writings, pictures, etc.

    *The explicit depiction of sexual subject matter; a display of material of an erotic nature. [from the mid-19th c.]

    *The graphic, detailed, often gratuitous depiction of something.

    1. Sexually explicit writing, images, video, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.
    2. Lurid or sensational material. Often used in combination: violence pornography.

    Under the laws to protect children...harmful to minors laws.
    All of the above and drawings, photographs, or similar representation of a person or persons, or portion of the human body which depicts nudity, sexual conduct etc, which is harmful to minors, or any book, pamphlet, or magazine, which contains any of the above, or explicit narrative accounts....where minors are present.
    This doesn't  not include material which is designed for sex education, medical, to minors. (there is a difference between such materials)
    It unlawful to any person to knowingly exhibit an of the above and below, to minors, in place of public accommodation, where minors maybe present, and where minors are able to view the material, unless each item of material is kept in a seal wrapper, concealing the content from minors. This also goes for written content, such as Fifty Shades of Grey...who's content is R rated, pornography, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence.
    These websites with magazines are selling vibrators, sex toys, R Rated DV's and R rated books just like Fifty Shades of Grey does on their websites and social media including to children...breaking state protection laws.
     There are also laws to protect children from obscene or harmful material on the Internet.  For one, federal law prohibits the use of misleading domain names, words, or digital images on the Internet with intent to deceive a minor into viewing harmful or obscene material (See  18 U.S.C. §§ 2252B, 2252C).   It is illegal for an individual to knowingly use interactive computer services to display obscenity in a manner that makes it available to a minor less than 18 years of age (See 47 U.S.C. § 223(d) –Communications Decency Act of 1996, as amended by the PROTECT Act of 2003). It is also illegal to knowingly make a commercial communication via the Internet that includes obscenity and is available to any minor less than 17 years of age (See 47 U.S.C. § 231 –Child Online Protection Act of 1998).           The standard of what is harmful to minors may differ from the standard applied to adults.  Harmful materials for minors include any communication consisting of nudity, sex or excretion that (i) appeals to the prurient interest of minors, (ii) is patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community with respect to what is suitable material for minors, (iii) and lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.

    Fifty Shades of Grey meets every single criteria and more for pornography, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence, stalking, sex slaves, dangerous content that is being promoted for our children, putting their lives in danger.

    The Franchise of Erica James Fifty Shades of Grey and Grey House this year were screen shot and recorded, sharing R rated material with minors on social media, explicit sexual violence and sex scenes and pictures with minors. This was reported to the FBI.

    Cosmopolitan's story is how good porn is for you...irresponsible journalism at its worst, endangering millions of lives.

    Please read our article here
    ❤❤Porn is prostitution with a camera--now a major public health crisis❤❤ There are videos to also go with the article


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