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Fifty Shades of Passion....Human sexuality


This is our brand new Magazine about Human sexuality and sex.
The articles are written by Professionals, and the site is age appropriate for teenagers, parents, anyone.
Fifty Shades of Passion

We saw a huge need for education, since seeing so much irresponsible journalism if that is what you can even call it, from magazines promoting pornography, sexual violence, abuse, human-sex-trafficking to children.

We even have an article we did just days ago, about Cosmopolitan Magazine doing this very thing. If it sells their magazines and gets people to their sites, they real don't care about promoting and selling the wrong thing to our children, to society.

An NO we are not against sex, far from it. But sex, human sexuality has to be talked about in the right way and done responsibly for the sake of our children, who will grow up to be adults.

Children are.... and this has gone on for years, are learning sex from Pornography. Pornography has been found by leading medical researchers in the world.... to be 90% sexual violence. So your children and kids as young as 8 years of age are learning sexual violence and domestic abuse from pornography.

You as a parent have to start engaging with your children more. Talking, and listening to them and most importantly monitor what they are viewing on the internet.

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