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The Price Women Pay--nothing more than sex objects, to objectify and abuse


 Our Letter to Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia and on behalf of the women  and children in Australia suffering because of Domestic Violence.

An epidemic of Abuse, torture, sexual abuse, a violation of victims basic human rights, set down by the United Nations.

The United Nations have great concerns that Australia is in-fact in violation of those rights. Nothing is going to change with Domestic Violence, sexual abuse until victims are seen and not invisible, because right now, victims are not truly seen. Read Here what are Human rights set down by the United Nations  Right now every single victim of abuse, sexual abuse, would be able to file a law suite against our own Government for breaching victims, survivors human rights.


Once again Governments around the world and especially our Government in Australia are just putting a bandade on an external bleed. This is what Governments have done for decades. They make it look as though they are doing something, when in-fact they are not doing anything. 

We would not have a world wide epidemic of abuse, sexual violence, Domestic Violence, if our Governments had been doing something.


Our PM Tony Abbott, minister for women..sorry but that is a joke. He makes a statement "Don't hit women" that's it. So he thinks by saying three words that the nations men, boys are going to sit up and take notice of him and all of a sudden stop hitting, abusing women. Tony---hello....Abuse is not just physical but you would know that if you had been paying attention. I suggest you pay proper attention from now on, since you follow us on social media and visit our website, we thought you would have taken the time to read the articles, watch and really listen to every video in the articles, they are there for a reason, they are education, showing the global epidemic of domestic violence, sexual abuse, human-trafficking. So Start paying attention Tony, get you head out of the sand.


It seems the Age Newspaper who follows us, have been paying attention. they have used material from this article from a recent article they did. Would have been nice if we got a mention, for the hard work we do.


Since you are Minister for Women Mr Abbott we are going to start sending you case files, victims of abuse, sexual abuse, where our failed court system has abused these victims over and over. Court transcripts, videos, of victims being abused by police officers, being abused by the court. Shocking violations of not only the law, but their human rights. Every single one of these cases, needs to be addressed, those victims to be heard, and for those who broke the law, the abuser, the police and the court, be bought to justice. This happens every single day. These are not isolated cases, this is reality, this is how it is for victims of abuse,sexual or domestic. 


National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) hosted an influential symposium right in the U.S. Capitol building July 14, 2015, The best medical persons from across the USA, who fight domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, pornography, Pediatricians, Psychologists, Sociologists, Lawyers, who are addressing this world wide epidemic. Right here in Australia and the rest of the world. This video is two hours long, but if you really care about Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, women, children, victims, survivors then you will take the time to watch this video and really listen.

Right now our Government is not listening, the Royal Commission are not getting all of the facts, they are also not really listening. 
They are listening to either old biddies, who should have retired bloody years ago, or who don't do the research, who are not up to date of the latest research, not getting the entire picture, sexual abuse, DV, Psychological, pornography, abuse, financial abuse, drugs, law reform, are just the start. All of these social issues are interlinked to DV, and until you start realizing this then nothing is ever going to change.

Rosie Batty you are not listening, you don't have the qualifications and the right information, you are misrepresenting abuse, victims of abuse, survivors of abuse, you really need to stop talking now.
The dribble that you go on about is dangerous to our society to our children to the world. You have your own agenda with abuse and one of them is to cash in, make money of it.
Rosie Batty maintains, and these are her words people she dribbles always. "domestic violence is ONLY committed by men" "Men using drugs and alcohol ONLY" Absolutely wrong Miss Batty, you are wrong and we are letting Australia know this. You Miss Batty become part of the problem with ignorance to domestic violence and abuse when you dribble dangerous incorrect words like this.
Silence Hides Violence as does ignorance Article 
Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse, sexual abuse, Psychological Abuse, Sibling Abuse do not discriminate, they effect all sexes, all genders, all races, all religions and all social statues. Abuse does not respect Gender. 
You wouldn't even return our requests to talk to you. So you are certainly not listening. I suggest you read our articles and watch every single video, especial this one on this page, the videos are on our site in articles for a reason.

One of our own Psychologists PhD, who was also in law, specializes in DV and sexual abuse, and now taking on fighting pornography, was a victims of DV for 18 years, she went through absolute shocking abuse, her baby daughter was killed because of DV. No one gave her a medal, acknowledged the death of her child, made her women of the year, even though she bloody deserves it.... having been one of the pioneers to fighting DV and sexual abuse in Australia.

But as she says there is a mother, a family, who suffered far worse than she did, not only in Australia, but the world. No ones story is more important than someone else's, something our media should take note off, because right now a lot of people are sick to death of the media shoving one women's tragedy down our throats. People have been commenting online about this.

All of our professionals work our ass's off doing the research, listening to the worlds best, we see the victims, the cases, we have done for over a decade. No one pays us o give a DAM, to use our down time, our money to fight a cause that sometimes we feel as though we are loosing in Australia. Our studies show people in Australia care more about saving a tree, than victims, survivors of DV and sexual abuse. That is the reality. We have over 500,000 people coming to ours sites to read our articles, those people are listening....wanting to be educated and informed.

Please keep reading and really listening, we write these articles for a reason. There is more to the letter to Tony Abbott down the page

Pornography, sex is a social marketing campaign for sexual exploitation. This banner speaks a thousand words. Sex...women mainly being used to sell a product through sexualization..... sexploitation of their bodies.

In the Nikon add, two young girls, made to look as young as possible... most likely just turned 18, but the producer wanted them to look 15-16 to sell sex...they are selling sex...half naked on a bed, one over the top of the other. Apparently their advertisers think, you can't sell a camera unless you use almost naked girls, in a sexual position, to sell your product.

The same for the hamburger, because apparently you have to be almost topless, and half naked to eat a hamburger. 

We all know when a women wears, a black.. one shouldered dress, she always wears it with one breast exposed to the world. Seriously what bright spark came up with that photo-shoot of a women wearing a dress with one breast having to be exposed....hanging out. 

Yes every time our husbands want to have Vodka they have to blind fold us...."seriously??" Because apparently you can not drink vodka unless you are blindfolded.

Because lets face it ladies...we all know when we go to the grocery store, that there is a guy in the toiletries aisle, naked.... with a towel over his shoulder standing next to the toilet all his glory....just waiting for us..."how you doing today"....yeh right.

We have Kim Karadashian promoting unsafe morning
sickness medication Diclegis. Earlier this year this women was promoting sexual abuse and Domestic Violence....because she gets paid to do this. She is using sex to sell unsafe products, or promote and sell violence. Society has really stooped to new lows when women like this corrupt our society. 

We have so much sexual violence in the world, domestic violence, because women, girls are only seen as sexual objects. That is the reality of it.
Sex-human trafficking.... women-girls make up 80% of the stats for demand. Home-Land Security Stats and from Ark of Hope for Children
Even the world wide organization Ark of Hope for abused kids and Human-trafficking agrees with our words and shares our articles, supports our work, and recommends us as one of their top people to follow @Goddess300 Alexandria
We belong to Ark of Hope. 

Girls having eating disorders at five years of age. 
Australia has the highest rates of women being abused in the world, twice the rate of other countries, they are shocking statistics. 
But this is how we treat our women in Australia....they are just commodity, to be abused, sexually different to other countries around the world, we just seem to be doing it at double the rate to the rest of the world. 

Sexual, Violence, Domestic Violence, abuse, Psychological abuse, they are all interlinked. These social injustices, crimes, are happening to young girls in relationships, young women, and mature women, all races....Abuse, sexual Violence does not discriminate.We are sick to death of these people getting up on their soap boxes who have no idea on the gravity of the real problem here. They have not spent a decade fighting, doing the research, have academic degrees in all of these areas. We have seven or more articles on our site addressing this world wide epidemic of Abuse...sexual...domestic violence, human trafficking and so much more...all of these social public health issues crimes all interlinked.

The porn industry women are seen as nothing more than a sex object to be fucked and objectified...sexually abused.  Our team have spent months going over data, videos, compiling material for our articles.

"Killing us Softly Video" from the award winning Documentary the "Price of Pleasure"
 Click on the picture or the link to take you to our video, in our google docs. We did have to buy the video series documentary "The Price of Pleasure" we have uploaded two videos for viewing. 

 Men are coming out and saying this quite openly in this video below.... 
"When a guy cums on a women's face it is like a dog marking its territory." quote from a guy-a producer, from sex industry. 
"Women like being dominated, sexual abused" Quote from men.
"Women are sex objects, not a person."more quotes from men
Women, girls, are nothing more than a sex object to these men.

The first video in the series is "Price of Pleasure" the in-depth look into the dangerous of the porn industry, the adult entertainment world. Using and abusing women for sex in society.
 Again just click on the link or the picture and it will take you to the full video, an in-depth looking into the adult entertainment industry.
 The full article for this video is a must read for every parent, every single women, every male. Read Here

"Hot Girls Wanted" 

shines a light on the thriving "amateur" porn industry through the experiences of five young women in the business. Produced by Rashida Jones, "Hot Girls Wanted" the full video. Read article
Pornography takes violence against women and sexualizes it. When you sexualize violence against women, you render the violence invisible. The future of pornography, and we are now seeing this everywhere, is sexual violence. That sexual violence has now infested, infiltrated,  family homes and women are once again with children, the main victims. 

Sons are learning sexual violence, domestic violence against women, from not only their fathers who are abusers, but from porn. Read the article Here

When pornography is the primary sex educator, it teaches lessons of violence, degradation, and selfishness that are not compatible with healthy, loving, relationships.

Our Letter to Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia 
and on behalf of the women in Australia and children 
and women and children of other nations facing this exact same epidemic of Abuse, torture, sexual abuse, a violation of your basic human rights.

We have an epidemic of violence, sexual abuse to women and children through out the world. One in every three women is effected world wide. This now and has been for years a Global epidemic. We have other articles on our site on this, and we will have a series of articles on Domestic Violence, sexual abuse continuing through our site.

Sexual, Violence, Domestic Violence, abuse, Psychological abuse, they are all interlinked. These social injustices, crimes, are happening to young girls in relationships, young women, and mature women, all races....Abuse, sexual Violence does not discriminate. 

This our other letter to Tony Abbott, Nations Leaders, sent a few weeks back addressing Child Abuse in Australia and world wide. You can also find this letter in the side bar on the right of our website. Tony Abbott does have this letter as does the President of the United States and the First Lady

You can not go online, and not read something new about sexual abuse, and domestic violence.
" Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, abuse are all interlinked." 

We have men making the laws, overseeing laws, they are the ones rendering the violence, sexual abuse invisible.
The violence or sexual abuse becomes invisible by the abuser, it then becomes invisible by the police, when the victim reaches out for help, then again by the court system....the law is your new abuser. We covered this very thing months ago earlier this year on our site.
 If we want major change, action against abusers.... law reform has to begin now....the violence has to be acknowledged by the law, and not remain invisible. 
Right now as it is....women are not really seen, not really heard....we are tolerated...still invisible to a system run by men.
Laws have to change, because as they stand right now they are basically just abusing the victim....children.

There is no humanity on the court system for victims of abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence. 
You go to the Family Court in Australia, and in most cases you are shockingly abused by the Justice presiding over your case, playing God with your life, with your children's lives. You are verbally and Psychologically abused badly so, that Justice is actually breaking the law.
Good luck if you try to stand up to the law in the Family Court...they are a power to themselves, creating their own law at a whim, no one challenges it, very rarely a lawyer does...they will be held in contempt of court if they do.

Or the Family Court, if you have children, will threaten you with intimidation, having your children taken away from you. 
Women have done nothing wrong, theses women go to the courts for some kind of justice and they end up getting abused, threatened, intimidated and abused all over an out of control, breaking unjust Family Court.
These are the thousands of stories we hear from women have had this happen to them. We will be posting some of these stories in future articles.

The Family Court is a court created by the Government, not by the people through a referendum. The Government have given the Family Court that much power over the years that they can over-rule a Magistrate Court. The only Court who can over-rule the Family Court, and their unjust rulings is the Supreme Court.
This has to stop...NOW.

The Law, the police have to start recognizing the sexual violence, domestic violence, take out the VRO on behalf on the victim, her children, to protect their lives...then up hold the VRO's, or Violence Protection Order, just as the court has to. At present a VRO is a piece of paper with no meaning.
The police and the courts do very little of nothing when a VRO or Violence Protection Order is breached. A women should not have to endure torture when her VRO's or Violence Protection Order are violated 50-75 times, that is just ridiculous. But that is absolute reality, that is what is happening right now, every single week in Australia, and someone where else in the world.
The police tell victims of abuse, "We cant do anything unless he kills you" that is what women are being told with children. They then have to flee for their lives, leave their homes all of their possessions, their children's possessions behind, because the law will not protect them, and their children.
These women with their children, end up destitute with nothing, no home, no where to live, no furniture, quite often not even a car. 
The ones who do have cars, in up living in them with the children, while the abuser gets to live in the comfort of the family home.
Abusers do not care that they make their own children suffer, they want to punish their partners, and the children at the same time.
Quite often abusers are Psychopaths, and will go to extraordinary lengths to abuse their victims...Psychopaths are also the master of manipulation and lies.
Many women, in-fact millions of women, are stalked by their former partners...this stalking can go on for decades, we have had cases where an abuser will stalk their former partner for 30 years. They go to jail get out, and the stalking begins all over again.  
Women are suffering shocking injuries..loosing their lives. 
They are loosing their unborn children....pregnant women being beaten, by their partners, killing their unborn children, and other children. This falls under the law, the Fetal Protection Act, the Pre-born Victims of Violence Act, a crime, and yet the police will do nothing to bring the abuser to the courts. 
Again the victim becomes the abused by another abuser, the law. 

This is why we also in Australia need a Domestic Violence registry for offenders of domestic violence, abuse. 
The registry has been tried in other countries and absolutely works. 
We have police advocates to end abuse who also say this is needed, we need to have this in Australia.

We need special units at every police station... set up to deal with Domestic Violence....we need courts that deal with domestic violence, Family court matters only. 
This is already being tried in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

More money has to be set aside for services for Domestic Violence, shelters, legal support, health support, Psychological support for women and their children...this exact same thing for sexual abuse also. These are areas that intertwine with each other, in so many cases. 

The exact same thing for child abuse, human-sex-trafficking. 
You would be shocked at cases where a women is bought into the country, sex trafficked to be used a sexual slave, then physically abused, physiologically abused.
Sexual, violence, domestic violence, in relationships where the women is the victim of both, is so common.  
At present women's, child's basic rights set down by the United Nations are being violated, the same goes to children. 
They are being violated by the abuser.... by the police.... buy the court system..... by our Government. 
This is world wide,.... this is happening all around the world. 
Our country Australia, your country.... where ever you may live. 


The United Nations defines torture as.... any act by which severe, pain or suffering, weather that be physical or emotional, is intentionally inflicted on a person. (unborn-baby, babies, children, women, men)
This is the same definition for abuse.
So our nations women and children, men and boys are being subjected to torture and own own Governments.
Domestic violence, sexual abuse, abuse, falls under this category.
 Violence, sexual abuse, to women,children.... is still invisible, we are still classed as just disposable in a society dominated by men.

 Abuse does not just come in one shade, abuse, sexual abuse, comes in many shades....50 shades of abuse.

Our team of advocates, to end abuse, activists, humanitarians, Professionals, have been fighting for over a decade, for change.
We do not get acknowledged for our work, win medals, or be made Australian of the Year...and yet we are the ones doing the hard slog with the thousands of other advocates who have fought the same fight for decades.   

Abuse, sexual abuse, human-sex-trafficking, has always been there, but it has been hidden,swept away from sight. Women have had to suffer in silence, with no where to go, no money, quite often no family...having to stay in a sexually, domestically, Psychologically, financially, abusing relationship.

It is the same for victims of sexual abuse, it is exactly the same... this social, public, health issue.... these crimes have always been there, they have been swept out of sight, many cases ignored, or hidden by Government departments, when reported. 

In Australia.... and this is a very similar story around the world, our Government care more about the wealth the corporate Australia, keeping them rich, in fact making them richer, than helping the average working class, the poorer, homeless, Australians.


 This poster absolutely true. Our nations see this everyday. Our progress from Governments especially in Australia is to make sure only that those who have much is even more abundant.
Our Government right here in Australia and this is the same right around the world do not provide enough for those who have so little.

We need more women in Government positions, women who wont let the power go to their heads, who have humanity, and peoples basic human rights as their first priority, because right now, we don't have anyone in Australian Government who fits that bill.

Women are being passed over for jobs, over men in Government positions. It is still a mans world, rules and laws made by men, run by men....and God help you as a women if you step on those toes wanting change to happen.


How can we expect real law reform when our own Attorney General Brandi's is a man, who's morals have come under question more than once towards women. This man who loves to live it up on tax payers money. Who is under investigation by Government bodies. 

 Victims of child sexual abuse, being examined by the Royal Commission, have slammed Federal Attorney-General George Brandis over a secret meeting in Rome he had with Cardinal George Pell, who's long been accused of protecting pedophile priests


We have certainly see how Joe Hockey views the underprivileged, homeless, the abused. He has no empathy, no humanity, no regard for their lives. This is a man who's wife is a banker, a kept man living in multimillion dollar homes.

Many of those persons are women with their children....they didn't ask to be homeless, abused, have every single thing taken from them...Psychologically, Physically abused by their partners, and now getting it by their own Government as well. 

Some of the victims of abuse also once lived in beautiful homes and have had to give up every single thing, flee with their children, live in hiding, because of that abuse...because a system has let them down over and over. That is reality...this is what is happening in Australia and around the world.

These women, children end up with PTSD, from the shocking abuse they have suffered. Joe Hockey would rather these people disappear from society with his abusing words, and lack of respect for them.


How can we expect as Nation of Australia for any change to women, victims of violence, sexual abuse, children who are victims of sexual abuse, when we have a Government who quite simply do not give a fucking Dam. This Government has show this over and over by taking and taking, money from much needed services then giving it to the rich. Ignoring time after time, for years the plight of the abused, the sexually abused, victims of Domestic Violence...they have just swept it away covered it up...this has gone on for decades, not just in the last 2-5 years but decades.


How long is this Government in Australia going to keep protecting child  sexual abusers. How long is this Government going to keep ignoring child abuse, child sexual abuse, an epidemic in Australia.
Ireland is in the process of  introducing a new Bill,
that introduces sentences of up to 14 years for people who groom children for sexual purposes.
Child Grooming Bill. we need to have this same bill right here in Australia...this has to be done. Child abuse, sexual abuse has been covered up far too long.
  A person who uses any means to communication to entice a child to act in a way that “would constitute sexual exploitation of the child” could face up to 14 years in jail.
 "Depraving a child"

“It will also be a separate offence to send a child sexually explicit material by means of information and communications technology. Familiarising a child with such material is a classic grooming technique which seeks to desensitise a child to sexual activity.”
Speaking about the Sexual Offences Bill, which will cover other aspects of sexual grooming, he said:

A person who, for the purpose of corrupting or depraving a child, causes that child to witness or watch sexual activity or view sexually-explicit material will commit an offence. It will also be an offence for a person, for their own sexual gratification, to cause a child to witness or watch sexual activity.
Australia absolutely needs this bill to protect our Nations children and to send a very strong message to Child sexual abusers.

Victims of child sexual abuse, being examined by the Royal Commission, have slammed Federal Attorney-General George Brandis over a secret meeting in Rome he had with Cardinal George Pell, who's long been accused of protecting paedophile priests

This has to stop now NO MORE....enough ignoring the basic human rights of women and children of abuse, sexual abuse human-sex trafficking. Enough Toy Abbott.....Enough.


Let's make this happen if you give a Dam, and care about Domestic violence, Sexual Violence, PTSD and abuse then please sign and share Michelle Obama has signed, The Billion Women against violence has signed so have many other end violence organizations. We would love to make this happen to coincide with the The Orange The World Day against violence in 2016

We will be adding further updates to this article... This is just one of the Domestic Violence articles we have and will be publishing more in the coming weeks, following on from this one.

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