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Tony Abbott on poverty and homelessness, he says its your fault


Tony Abbott on poverty and homelessness, he says "its your fault if you are either". Tony Abbott's words, and yes there is a video of Tony Abbott our Prime-minster of Australia, Minister for women saying this. So if you as a person, a women or a child became homeless because of abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence its your fault. Yours, he says, you chose to be that way.

The banner above it says "which image do you find more offensive" referring to the Domestic violence victims. We actually find the image of Tony Abbott in the video below more offensive, because he quite frankly has lost his humanity, but we doubt now if he ever really has had any.

CEO of World Vision Tim Costello says Tony Abbott has not changed. He says "Tony's view is well that's the poor's fault, and intervention to help is foolish"
We did have a video from the ABC with Tim Costello and Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott saying outright its the poor's fault he has no sympathy for you, but since sending this article to Tony Abbott he has had the video now removed from the internet. We really wanted the word to see this video but we can not find it anywhere. It was on youtube and this is where we originally got the video from, but now its gone, we were left with a blank video in our article. 

Since the video we wanted to share with the world
has been removed by Tony Abbott, we thought
we would share this one. Hopefully he doesnt 
have this one removed as well.

So we have a Prime-minister who thinks to help the poor disadvantaged, the homeless, the abused...is foolish.
No wonder we have an epidemic of abuse, sexual abuse in Australia, when we have this man, who is mean to represent Australia, the welfare of those less fortunate, and on top of that, be Minister for Women. We were horrified when we watched this video.

Tony Abbott and we quote from the video "We can not stop people from being homeless if that's their choice"
How dare you Tony Abbott....how bloody dare you.

There are thousands of women children even men, homeless living in cars that have had to escape Domestic, sexual violence, with their children, they either have to live in their cars, or on the street. There are no beds for them, because you have taken away funding for women's shelters....you have done this Mr Abbott, because quite frankly you as Prime-Minister and Minister for Women do not give a Dam.

You have not done one thing to improve services for Domestic Violence victims, child abuse victims. You just keep taking and taking, because to you they are invisible, and they always will be, you just said it in this video below.

Letter to Tony Abbott about Domestic Violence
Letter to Tony Abbott about Child Abuse
Tony Abbott has both of these letters and this letter to him in this article also. Tony Abbott follows us on social media and our website.

Become a politician and have endless amounts of lurks & perks to fund the lifestyle which you as a polly think you are entitled to, and have become accustomed to.
We will just hide our expenses that we are charging the tax payers of Australia for, we will defraud them....they wont know, they wont find out...fuck them if them do.

Funded flights to visit their own homes, holiday homes, renovations of their homes in Italy at the cost of $2 million to the Australian tax payers. $400,000 for private jet to fly to his mates birthday party, where he then hands over a check for $750,000...but i want something in return for that Tony....that's a hush bribe Tony....you are our puppet boy, and you will do what we say.

Private helicopter rides, first class travel for holidays, luxury personal items....all at the cost of the Australian Tax payers.
Yes Tony your Government has shown it does not give a fucking Dam about the average working person, the underprivileged, the poor, the homeless the abused....you are to busy having a wonderful time compliments of the Australian Pax payers and at the expense of those suffering.

keep scrolling down for more and the video of Tony Abbott, come on... we know you want to 

Australian Constitution
 Even states that our Government, all of them including the PM, speaker of the house, Attorney General, Treasurer are not above the law. They can and should be make accountable for their fraud, lies, deception to the Australian people. We the Australian people are paying dearly for that deception.

No one in Australia trusts the police. That is a sad reality. 
Our police in Australia, are called the Mafia with a badge. You have done nothing to clean up the police force Mr Abbott.
Three thousands police officers were arrested in the UK just in the last week for sex crimes, breaking the law. At least the UK take this seriously. Australia is now a joke to the rest of the world.

MR Abbott you cant even answer the questions that were being asked off you, very simple questions about homelessness.

Other countries world wide are calling you Mr Abbott the worst Prime-minister in modern society. And yes Mr Abbott there is even video of this online.

We are calling for your resignation as Minister for Women and Prime-minister of Australia. You have shown us continuously you simply do not give a fucking Dam about any Australians unless they are Million or billionaires. Your actions, your words have shown this.

With that resume below Tony Abbott how the hell did you ever become Prime-minister of Australia, and Minister for women....how did you even get a job. You would not get a job anywhere in the world with that resume. There are many who are saying you were groomed to be the puppet boy for Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rineheart and other elite of Australia. And your actions are certainly speaking to that rummer being true.

Mr Abbott we hope one day soon you and Joe Hockey have everyone thing taken from you; your homes, money, possessions, car, job, and you cant get another one, dignity....and then you will truly see what it is like to be homeless, with nothing, no hope, you can not see a future, because everything was taken from you.....That is reality Mr Abbott, for millions of people.

No one chooses to be homeless, not even the mentally ill...so have some bloody respect, humanity and common decency for those people. I don't know what bible you read...because no where in it does it say, fuck the poor, kick them to the gutter, so i can live the high and mighty life.... but you certainly have no respect, humanity for those who are less fortunate....this video is absolute proof of that. 

There is no future for our children left in Australia, it has been taken away from them, and sold to the highest bidder. Criminals now really in charge of our country, the Corporations that are fronts for crime. 
There is just nothing left for our children, you are giving the jobs to unskilled Foreigners. Kids in Australia cant afford to go to University, hell many can not even afford to go to school, or live. Mr Abbott you simply will not listening, a Prime-minister who doesn't listen is called a dictator. We want you to start listening, have humanity. 
We have already told you how much corporate fraud we have in Australia and how much it is costing the Australian tax payers in our first letter to you. Now you go opening even more doors for more corporate fraud, more fronts for organized crime, you are giving these men, these companies permission to strip Australia, and the rest of Australia is now paying, and going to pay even more for this, allowing criminals to take over Australia, corporate criminals. 

Tony Abbott on poverty and homelessness, he says its your fault if you are either. His words in this video. Sorry readers, this was an ABC video report and now the ABC has been taken over by Rupert Murdoch it now seems so has the video. We have looked elsewhere cant find the video anywhere on the net. Looks like the Liberal party are doing damage control. This is the video now removed from the internet by Tony Abbott after we sent him this article. Tony follows us on social media. Shame on you Tony Abbott, you removed the video because you did not want the world to see what a heartless bastard you really are.

We would like to ask you Mr Abbott, how much money is our Australia Government making off the Sexpo event, the pornography event, that is being hosted.

Our Government should be Dam ashamed of its self for allowing school buses to be covered in adverting for the pornography industry.

You are still not listening Tony...we know you don't give a fucking Dam, you have made that quite clear.
So our Australian Government is now making money off selling of sexual violence, rape, human-sex trafficking. That is what this expo does Mr Abbott, they sell their porn sites, their products.
WASHINGTON – Porn is just prostitution with a camera -- that was the message at a Capitol Hill briefing Tuesday on the ties between sex trafficking, prostitution, and pornography.
Experts at the symposium, titled "Pornography: a
Public Health Crisis," revealed in America, where the vast majority of men consume porn, making for an ever more violent culture connected to prostitution and sex trafficking. 

This is world wide, it is not just happening in Washington...the porn industry a $70 billion dollar industry. It is a world wide public health crisis, not just in the USA...this is global. The entire symposium, which as a parent, as a member of society, you are going to want to watch. And no Fifty Shades of Grey does not escape being mentioned, as dangerous to our society, by leading medical professionals from around the world who spoke in Washington.

 National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) hosted an influential symposium right in the U.S. Capitol building July 14, 2015, The best medical persons from across the USA, who fight domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, pornography, Pediatricians, Psychologists, Sociologists, Lawyers, who are addressing this world wide epidemic. Right here in Australia and the rest of the world. This video is two hours long, but if you really care about Domestic Violence, sexual abuse, women, children, victims, survivors then you will take the time to watch this video and really listen. 


We have children learning sexual violence, domestic violence from Pornography. New research by Dr Gail Dines and other leading medical researchers into the pornography industry have found that 90% of porn is now sexual violence. This is being taught to our children.
Our own Australian Government allowed school buses to be plastered with advertising for the porn industry, endangering our children. Read the full article Here and watch further videos

Children as young as 1 year old are kidnapped, or being bred from the purpose of sex trafficking for pornography, most have a life span of 3-7 years. So by the time that child is 8 years old their life is over. That is the reality. We have more in two articles just posted in the last few days Here... Human trafficking, figures from Home-Land Security

Human trafficking has become the second most profitable industry after drug trafficking.

UnChained Project wants to mobilize advocates willing to provide awareness and support for survivors of child trafficking living in silence in your community. Here's why;
  • Over 100,000 underage girls and boys are trafficked into slavery
  • Odds of being rescued; 1 in 100 
  • Of every three child victims, two are girls and one is a boy
  • AVERAGE age a child is first exploited by prostitution is 12-14 years old
  • Infants are often identified in child pornography
  • They may be forced into sex 20 to 48 times a day
  • Life span of a victim can be as little as 2 to 4 years, having succumbed to attack, abuse, HIV and other STD's, overdose or suicide
  • Sale of child porn in the U.S. alone raises more than a $3 billion annually!
  • Sex trade industry is the second largest global industry raising $32 billion a year, equal to $87 million a day!

That is what our Australian Government just contributed to, well done Mr Abbot....that wasn't a compliment.


These are articles you must read if you give a Dam about our planet and the people we share it with, and care about your children.

Let's make this happen if you give a Dam, and care about Domestic violence, Sexual Violence, PTSD and abuse then please sign and share Michelle Obama has signed, The Billion Women against violence has signed so have many other end violence organizations. We would love to make this happen to coincide with the The Orange The World Day against violence in 2016  https://www.change.org/p/world-wide-leaders-presidents-prime-ministers-for-the-survivors-victims-of-abuse-sexual-violence-suffer-through-out-our-world-we-need-change-now-we-need-a-world-wide-memorial-day-to-remember-those-who-lost-their-lives-to-domestic-sexual-abuse?recruiter=326657032&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&rp_sharecordion_checklist=control

we will be adding more to this article.

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  1. Abbott is a sickening vile man. Who in their right mind wouldnt want to commit to helping the plight of homeless? Who? He deserves to burn in hell!

    (Great site!!!)

    1. I agree with you, no humanity, i saw none in his face, none in his voice when he was talking and there is certainly none in his words. So glad you like our site. We have two letter on our site to Tony Abbott, he has the letters he follows us here and on social media.
      We make sure we let Tony know exactly how it is, we have fought for years to help victims of abuse. And now we have this man this Government who quite frankly do not give a fucking Dam.
      It is heart breaking when we see a man who is meant to lead our nation think so little of the underprivileged the poor, the homeless, the abused.
      And he calls himself a Christian, not in any Bible i have even read and i am Italian Catholic.

      This man should be bloody ashamed of himself, as a leader, as a man and as member of the world we inhabit.

  2. Who the hell gave Tiny Maggot the PM's job in the first place? That's right, a handful of knuckle-dragging, chin-dribbling swinging voters. He has NO MANDATE!


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